"What is an ADR?"


That is what a CM on the Dining phone line just asked me. :huh:

I wanted to cancel one ADR and add another. She took the number I gave her and after getting it wrong a few times said “OK its done” She didn’t ask my name or what it was for she just cancelled it. Now we wonder how sometimes ADRs get wrong. Yikes!


Yikes! That is a little scary!! :pinch:


Wow! She could have cancelled an ADR for anyone by not asking your name or telling what restaurant it was.


Ok, that’s scary, and now I’m calling to make sure mine are all ok.




I’m not surprised the CM doesn’t know fan forum abbrevs - I am surprised, however, she didn’t confirm “cancelling Le Cellier party of 5 September 9th at 7pm”.


I don’t know. Disney is who changed the name from Priority Seating. You really think people call them and ask for an “Advanced Dining Reservation”? It’s got to be in the the training somewhere.


Right - ADR isn’t really a forum abbreviation is it?? Isn’t it what they call it? I could be confused. I usually am pretty confused.


I think I’d call back and check that out…


Wow, I would be pretty scared too!


You’d be amazed how many abreviations are quite common to a disney Cast member, and they don’t event think about when they say them they are so common.


That is scary! I would give a call back to reconfirm.


I would call back. I always run into this with CMs on dining. Some say they cannot book Rainforest at all, while others say they can book it @ AK RFC only. Anyone else ever notice this?


I was told that its not called a reservation because it is not a reservation - its priority seating and that you are basicly just holding your place in line. But if someone walks into the line before you they will also get seated.

I was amazed how little those on the other end of the phone actually knew about the planning as a whole. It was so frustrating because I felt as if I knew more about what was going on then they did.


Me too, what Llama said. I would call and check that out. What if she cancelled your reservations at the resort, period? :eek:
Call, you’ll feel better after you do Julie


Or you could have what happened to us- they had more reservations booked than we had planned they were all a mess when we got there!


ADR is not a “fan forum abbreviation.” It is an abbreviation of what the Disney Cast Members refer themselves to as an “Advanced Dining Reservation” that we just happen to use in forums. Just like when it used to be called “Priority Seating,” CMs often referred to them as “PSs.” Neither of these were conjured up by fans in forums, both of them are Disney terms that fans use. Just FYI :happy:

I wouldn’t get too nervous about your call. Just call back and confirm with another person and make sure everything is in order. I am sure it is fine :happy:

[ok, back to work… i’m not suppose to be here :tongue: ]