What is Christmas time at Epcot like?


I’ve been thinking I might enjoy the Christmas around the world experience at Epcot and was wondering from people who have been there what it is like. Is there anything in particular that I should look forward to if I go?


There’s loads of wonderful things going on in Epcot for Christmas.

They have Christmas around the World, where you go to each country to see and hear about the customs of that country.
There’s the Candlelight Processional where a celebrity reads the Christmas story to a music several times each night
A special Illuminations presentation
A nightly tree lighting ceremony
A huge arch of lights leading from FW to WS

to name some highlights.

It’s may favorite park at Christmas.


EC at Christmas is the most magical place ever – the music si all-Christmas, all the time, from background music, to band music, to parade music. The thming and lights are unbelievable! The very best thing is to just walk around the World Showcase Lagoon and enjoy how each pavilion has decorated for the holidays! Absolutely unbelievable!
You won’t believe the topiaries and plantings! Adn there are special menu additions that make Christmas feel perfect!


It really is beautiful. We love the decorations, the music, and the candlelight processional. And the special Illuminations is something you must do!


When do all the christmas type things finish as we are going on the 27th of December?


Even with everyone’s great descriptions, you still can’t really imagine the feeling of being at Epcot during Christmas until you’ve actually been there. There are magical signs of the holidays around every corner.

I wrote a description of the Holiday IllumiNations after last year’s trip: http://www.disneycentral.com/forum/showpost.php?p=185944&postcount=72

That might give you a hint.

You should go. You’ll have a great time.


Bellearina: Welcome to DC!!! during Christmas week, it’s totally nuts! Most Christmas stuff stay up until after the first week in January. On Dec 27th, it’ll be FULL HOLIDAY TILT! :mickey:


Words just cannot express the happiness that I feel during the Christmas season when I go to Epcot!!!


Welcome to DC bellearina! It’s about time you were seen!!! :biggrin:


Just to let everyone know Bellearina is my friend who is joining us at WDW half way into our trip!


Welcome Bellearina!!! This is great another DC member to add to our meet and greet!! (Which I haven’t formalized by the way :noo: )


It’s simply breathtaking.

Everything you imagine it to be and more.

I’ll try and post some photos for ya.


Welcome Bellearina!!! You’re in for a special treat!! Christmas at EPCOT is such an amazing experience! Each country in World Showcase has a cast member dressed as the Christmas symbol of each country telling about customs of that country (Father Christmas in England and Canada, I believe, Befina the witch in Italy, Per Noel in France…you get the idea). And the Candlelight Processional is one of the most moving experiences I’ve ever had at WDW! You’ll have a great time!!!


And, in Future World, lots of Mannheim Steamroller background music! :smiley:


Welcome to DC, Bellearina. Any friend of Missy’s is quite welcome.


ooooooooh now I’m even MORE excited to work there (as long as I get the job…)
Disney and Christmas are my two favourite things!


Like everyone else has said, Epcot is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING at Christmas time! We have gone twice in December and had planned to make it an annual trip. This year, we went in October instead because we wanted to try MNSSHP and Epcot Food and Wine Festival. I have to say, DECEMBER IS THE WAY TO GO! Nothing compares to WDW at Christmas time, and Epcot is just magnificent. I own timeshare off site and next year, since we are using all of our points to get 4 villas at the Atlantis in May, we will have to stay on-site (oh boo-hoo,right?! LOL…) So I am looking into renting points to stay at Beach Club! This way, I can walk to Epcot every day if I wanted to.

You will have a wonderful time. I am so depressed I won’t be experiencing it this year. But I always have next year to look forward to… :crying: