What is everyone thoughts about the outfits that are out in the game


i am just curious but i thought we where suposed to get the baseball outfits not the cheer leader outfit that the girls are getting. I am not sure about everyone else that is a girl but i am alittle upset with that i mean i like the cheer leader outfits their cute but was really wanting the baseball outfit instead. Honestly i think cheer leader outfits are more for football and basket ball not baseball.


yes, pretty sexist if you ask me. All I can get is the cheerleader outfit. bummer.
But, I do look fantastic, if I do say so myself :biggrin:


I’m lost here. What outfits are you talking about??


me too. i am lost.:confused:


:happy: Silly Dopey! I’ll bet you do! Especially with those Pom-poms glued to your hands!

In VMK, they released cheerleading outfits for the girls only, but no baseball unis for the guys.


I was quite upset when I found out that I could not get the Baseball outfit, but we have to remember that girls have many costumes that are just for them (all Princess dresses and Cheerleader). I think it was time that the boys got something that was only theirs.


i am talking about vmk the game here that ppl play. Well i am not upset about getting the cheerleader outfit like i said it is cute but i just think the girls where mislead because it never said that we where getting cheerleader outfits that why i think if they made stuff for everyone to have and wear no one would complain that would solve alot of issues with ppl because i am sure the boys have complained when us girls have gotten stuff and they did not.