What is going on in October?


My boss just purchased DVC last month after their Disney Cruise (300 points at SSR). I called today to book 2 studios for a long weekend in mid October and the rep couldn’t find 2 studios at ANY DVC resort! So I asked for a two bedroom and he didn’t have any of those available either! The only thing I could get for the entire MONTH (for 2 studios) was a Tuesday-Sat at SSR. I even called back and spoke to another rep, just in case.

Just makes me wonder what is going on other than the food and wine festival and MNSSHP’s???

I’m in shock…usually October is a great time to go.:confused:


Just those that I know of. It looks like business is really UP for Disney now. I heard hotel rooms were scarce there in October like a month ago.


I think the off season is getting busier and I don’t see it letting up any time soon. Travel in up in general and we are seeing that at WDW.


Halloween parties!!!


We were wondering the same thing also. We are going the 1st week in Oct and staying at AKV. I have been trying to add 1 more day to our trip and there is nothing available at AKV. I can move to SSR but I really dont want to do that for 1 day. Im just going to keep trying and see if something becomes available. If not no biggy cause 4 days in disney is better than no days at all.