What is it about President Day weekend?


Why are the prices so high during that weekend? Are the crowds really that large? Anyone have an explanation to this??


In some areas, schools are out for that week. I think in the few years before the big recession, there was a swell in the number of people there during that time… Not sure about now.


Anytime schools are out the prices go crazy. Same for the cruising industry.:pirate:


Its is kinda busy because local schools have off so people use their Annual Passes


I know it’s a 4-day weekend for most public schools, at least in our state. I am telling you, being a teacher I notice these things, whenever school is out for ANY holiday weekend prices automatically jump to an ultra premium. It’s FRUSTRATING! Even when it’s just a little holiday with only a Monday off, they surround the whole week around that with higher rates… for everything (especially airfare!)


It is so true. DW and I are both teachers and get ripped off anytime we want to travel! :angry:


prices go up whenever schools are out :sad: because the crowds are bigger


We don’t have a President’s Day holiday here, so friends of ours were unprepared a couple years ago when they arrived at WDW that week-end and crowds were so high that they missed out on many rides.

Two years later, we now celebrate a holiday on the same day here called “Family Day”, so Canadian kids are now out of school as well and may add to the congestion of that week. :blink: