What is MNSSHP?


My brother is going to disney from oct 14-19 and we dont understand what MNSSHP and what that means to him?

He is staying on the property and has amagic your way ticket with the park hopper otion. From what I gather it is on the following nights he will be there: 16th, 17th (he will be gone by the evening of the 19) so on those nights do they close early and only let people who pay for the MNSSHP around the park?

or is this something if he gets in early and stays he can stay or do they issue bracelets or something?

We are both confised since we never went down this time of the year. If someone could summerize what he should expect while down there and what hapens at the magic kingdom those particular nights.

thank you.


MNSSHP stands for



I have never been to one, but my mom loves it


On the MNSSHP nights, the park will close to the general public at 7pm–WDW resort guest and offsite hotel guests alike. MNSSHP is a hard ticket event meaning you must have a seperate ticket to attend the event. You can read about it, and the pricing here Walt Disney World Resort - Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

From what I gather in years before bracelets were passed out to the ticket holders and there was an hour between when the park closed and when the party started to get the non-ticket holders out. This year the park closes (per the WDW site) at 7pm–the same time the party starts. Sept 15th is the first MNSSHP, so we’ll see how it goes with the bracelets this year.

He may or may not want to attend one of the parties, but if he does, he should buy his tickes in advance as it’s more expensive to buy them day of event.

Just so you know, if he does decide to attend, he doesn’t have to spend that day touing the MK. For example he can go to MGM all day, then hop over to the MK with his seperate, party-specific ticket when the party starts.

I will be attending my first MNSSHP this same week your brother will be there! I hope your brother has light crowds and beautiful weather :wink:


thank you that clears up a lot.

i actually just got back on set 2 and already miss it, im hoping he has better wheather than i did. i may have to tag a long. lol

actually even though it rained a little each day it really cooled things off and kept the crowds at bay. Plus I got to buy another poncho…hehehehe…i love those things.

thanks again.


Here is a link with some cool info!