What is pin trading?


Whats with all these pins? I dont get it! Will someone please explain it to me! thanks!



Disney sells a million different pins of characters, attractions, etc. in the parks, and other areas in WDW.

You can keep & collect them, OR, keep them on lanyard to trade with CMs and other WDW guests who also have pin landyards to trade with.

That’s pretty much the scoop. They start at (retail) $6.95 and can go up to around $20. for special or limited edition ones. Most pins range from $8.-$15.


Pin trading is great fun and serious to some. You should get a starter set and stick to CM only trading until you get the hang of it.


Pin trading is a lot of fun. I really enjoy it because you get to interact with the cast members and I have had a lot of good conversations because of it. Id suggest getting a starter set and trying it out.


we love pin trading - i bought a bunch on ebay (beware of fakes tho) before we left, just to trade! the girls really got into it even more this year. Emma (who is almost 4) HAD to look at every CM’s pins, and often traded with them all. at one point, she traded a pin, then traded that one, then that one…and so on for the whole day. with just the one pin. it was sooo cute!

definitely think about getting some to trade, it’s fun!


I know I think one year we bought fakes on ebay we didn’t relize it till we traded with one cast member who kept inspecting it then gave it back! I only saw a couple of fake ones last trip!