What is so great about Disney?


My dad is obessed with this place. I mean it is awesome, but what makes everyone come back year after year??





Wow I was just think the same thing, everything! I wish you had a ‘all of the above’ choice on your poll. Disney is just something so unique you have to experience it to understand.


I can’t pick one thing, it’s all of it.


It’s a combo of all the above, but mostly the magically thingys! I love be turned into a 7 year old girl as soon as I enter the gates. I love acting like a kid again and seeing all my favorite characters…oh and the attractions, and the shows, and the parades,…resorts…blah blah…yeah. All the above!:laugh:


I think it brings out the kid in all of us again. Sometimes, the kid just gets burried too deep inside. I love having the kid in me come out. So do my kids.


When you’re at Disney, you’re not worrying about bills (that’ll come later!) or kids or the boss or your unfinished remodeling job. You can be a kid again. No worries!
It’s also the only place I know of where you can be wearing a viking helmet, a sombrero, mouse ears, or a giant cake hat, and no one will look at you weird.:laugh:

We need more places like that.:mickey:


The real question here is What isn’t great about Disney???
There are way too many reasons to list why Disneymaniacs return every year. I was going crazy with the thought that I might not be able to go this year.


For me personally it was b/c I basically grew up there and loved it from a very young age. We had an RV and went and stayed at Fort Wilderness with my Grandparents from age 5-12. Once the RV was sold, and we lived in Florida, we continued to go but now staying at the resorts. I love everything about it; it brings families together, it’s magical, there is always fun and exciting new things to look forward to, all the great FOOD & restaurants, and I don’t know it just feels like a second home to me! :heart: :wub: :heart:


It’s magically delicious!


It’s so magical there. Everything about it is magic, the rides, the hotels, the Monorail (I know I don’t have one in my neighborhood), everything really.

Before my parents split up we went every summer and it was awesome. It harbors all of those warm and fuzzy memories that always come back to you wen you go back there. Every time I go there’s a new fabulous memory created.


Basically, for me, it’s land of fantasy, and dreams. The fact that beyond “those gates” is a world outside our normal reality, is magical for me. A place of royalty, piracy, fantasy, glamour, and culture. Disney is a world in itself.


It is hard to pin point one thing it is just EVERYTHING! From the minute you go under the Disney signs on the road in to when you leave with a tear in your eye!


I voted for the magical feeling. Everyone can be a kid again, you learn to dream and wish all over again, and you never stop smiling while you’re there.

The hotels, food, and rides are great too though. :happy:


Voted for the hotels as they are all very good and different at the same time. The fact is that everything is great about Disney.


I never would have known until I got there and was bitten by the Disney bug. It was a wonderful time for our family. I just love the magic!




I would have voted for the clean public restrooms but it wasn’t an option.



I voted the Magic(ly) feeling. That was because there was no “all of the above”.

My friend Mary recently said “now she gets it” - meaning, now she gets the whole “Disney Magic” thing.

she’s heard people say it, but in her previous visit she didn’t experience it. But, NOW she totally gets it. Everyone is so nice, and the park is so clean.

I totally get what she’s sayin’ :c)


I would pick all, but I also think its because you really do get caught up in everything. I didn’t “get” it until a few years back. It truly is a “state of mind” thing with us.