What is so great about Disney?


My dad is obessed with this place. I mean it is awesome, what makes everyone come back year after year??


Hmm that’s a bit hard to answer. For me it’s about going to a nice, clean, safe place to hang out with my DD. I like that I park myself at a resort and have enough things to fill every second of my day. There is truely something for everyone there. The true reason behind my visits every year is that it’s the one place in the world where I can go and be a kid again. That place just takes all the years off and reminds me what it felt like to be a little kid. It’s magical…makes me cry every time I enter the MK gates and see cinderella’s castle.


I do not remember everything about my childhood trips to WDW but I do remember how excited my brother, sister and I got when we found out we were going, the car trips to get there, and the magical feeling we all had the entire time we were there. Some of the best childhood memories stem from WDW and I am hoping to provide my DS with the same types of memories of his own. He is only 4 yrs old and has been there I believe 5x already…he is slowly developing his own disney fanatic gene (although the people I work with think I am brainwashing him with disney…lol). I still love going to WDW with my parents and my siblings and their own families now.


It is a feeling, it is simply the magic of your inner child, it is knowing that you never have to growup. It is watching the light in your grandchildren or children’s eyes, even when they are teens. It is remembering the Man behind the magic and how he changed the whole world with his imagination and dreams. It is the history of this man and his dreams. It is believing in faith, trust and pixie dust. Magic happens if you let it. I am 50something, yet when I see Mickey Mouse or any of the Disney Characters … I am a little kid again and all the memories of the original Micky Mouse club shows comes back. All the Wonderful World of Disney Sunday night shows I watched as a kid.
It is being amazed at SSE, The Castle, the Earful tower … the Tree of Life.
It is believing in Magic, pixie dust, happy every after and that if you can dream it …you can do it. It is all of this and sooooooooooooooooooo much more.


It started out when I was 11, on my first trip. We hadn’t been able to afford a WDW trip until that point in my life, but it was always a place we dreamed of going. So when we finally got to go, it was more magical to me than I had thought it would be. I told my parents on that trip that I was going to work there someday, and now, 21 years later, that’s still my dream…

WDW was a place where anything was possilbe. Magic was really alive and it could be found around every corner. After that first trip, my family was hooked. We went back every year. When the topic of “next yeat’s vacation” would come up, we’d alwasy entertain the thought of going out West to see the Grand Canyon or something, but we always ended up choosing another WDW trip. I went on 10 of those family trips between the ages of 11-25. I remember those trips being some of the best memories of my childhood. And as I got older, I found that going back to WDW made me feel like a kid again. I’m 32 and have a son of my own (with a 2nd on the way) and I still get that “like a kid again” feeling when I’m there. When I’m in WDW, I just feel like I’m “home.” This past May, I got to go down there with my wife and son and meet my parents down there for a week. That magic I found as an 11 y/o on my first WDW trip was still there. Nowhere else in the world can do that. WDW is truly a magical place…


i never got to WDW until i was married with one child and one on the way. my dad passed away when i was 12 so there was no money for that kind of trip/ my DH promised me when we got married he would take me there. so when my DD was five we went . My DH had jsut had some stress related medical problems and we needed to get away. so we went to wdw. i will never forget how he looked when we first saw mainstreet it made all the differance for him. we still get the same feeling evn thougth we have been there multiple times. it is such a feeling of pure joy. and feeling like nothing exist except for the park you are in. sounds kind of corney but true.


It’s not something you can put into words. It’s just a special feeling at Disney that doesn’t exist anywhere else. I know of no other place that is as fun, as magic, or as healing as WDW. It’s almost a spiritual experience


we have had simular threads before but the bottom line I think is that there are just 2 different kinds of people in the world … this is what separates us … not race, creed or color …but those that get it and those that dont If someone says it is just a theme park …well they are the dont get it kind :slight_smile: a few years ago someone asked some very much like this and I suggested they do a search to see how many Disneyfan sites there were compared to Six flags or Universal … after the search … they found that the amount of Disneyfan sites (and I do not mean just forums like this, for instance I have a disneyweb page) where huge!! I dont think you could visit all the websited dedicated to Disney …all Disney not just the parks.


I went several times growing up and always enjoyed myself, but my addiction didn’t REALLY start until DH and I took our son in October 2004. We’d been married almost 7 years and had never really taken a vacation. DS was 4 and we were all SO excited about our first family trip.

All our cares were washed away. We felt transported from the worries of everyday life and just were emersed in the magic. It was a feeling like neither of us had ever experienced before. We’ve made four more week-long trips since then and have another scheduled for later this year. DS will be 6 next trip and he’s quite the Disney fanatic himself now. Daily conversations are had at our house as to what we want to ride, where we want to eat, etc. It’s a topic that always brings a smile to all our faces and has brought us tremendously closer as a family.

WDW is a place like no other and every “escape” I get to make and get down there, I will! :mickey:


It’s an awesome, magical place that transports you into a different world where your dreams become real. It keeps you on such a high the whole time you are there that it becomes real hard, and sad, when it is time to leave. However, you still keep enough of that feeling to make you want to return.




WDW has something for every member of the family. DH & I can enjoy things with our teen kids, do our own thing AND enjoy stuff with our aunt too! Every year that we go to WDW is different…there is always something NEW to discover.


It’s the most magical place on Earth. Truly… No place else is totally catered to ensuring you have a good time… We all love it… it’s an escape from reality…and who doesn’t need that?



its the magic of watching it be “real” in your childrens eyes. Its the music of the movies you grew up with and loved mix with the ones your kids grew up with and love- its clean parks and safe strollers and freindly people. Its feeling like you are a millionare and special for a short while. Its getting away to somewhere warm when its cold here in CT


Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust & Magic! Tink, that almost say’s it all.

The first time for me was as a mother of DS’s, 14 & 4 yr twins. I thought it was “just an amusement park”, until I stepped onto Main Street and cried. It’s everything that’s already been said here but for me, it’s also looking at all those around me. Knowing they are there to see the joy in their kids eyes as well. Being surrounded by people who are in love with their families and just want to play.

We’re counting the days!


For me it’s a feeling. I never feel that way anywhere else. I have traveled this country from east to west, been to many other places and still can’t quite explain it. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I step on Main Street and every time I see Wishes. You truly do feel like a kid again.