What is that... and where can I find it?


ok, here are the directions… go to the home page of Mousebuzz, scroll down to the bottom to the Top 10 Disney… and click on the Top 10 Disney Dining Plan restaurants.

In there is a picture of a “chocolate marvel” of what I can only imagine is goodness personified… in chocolate of course! I read down thru the descriptions and can’t immediately place it. I’m sure someone knows what it is and where I can find it?



That would be the dessert from Victoria & Alberts! And yes, it is delicious!! I believe they only serve it at the Chef’s Table.


Yummy!!! That’s a cool area I’ve never looked much around the front page on this site.


That looks so good.


V&A’s is a special occasion thing that some of us may never have the opportunity to experience. Also consider that Citricos has great desserts coming out of the same kitchen…

DD had the following one… it was a tremendous dessert!

I had this (shared it with DW) it was AWESOME!


The Flying Fish Cafe at the Boardwalk has a very similar plate. I had that just last week.

The chocolate pyramide was on my plate and 2 other scrumptious chocolate things :heart:


:pinch: drat! V&A is definitely not in the budget! As well, for the next trip, DS 13th Birthday Celebration. He’s picking most of the restaurant’s for this trip. and even if it was “swing-able” it wouldn’t be his first, second or third choice!

But that dessert does look divine! Thanks for telling me in the right direction to drool in!


oooo i could tuck into all of those happily!:blush: