What is the advantage is there to the advance 10 day check in


Just wondering what - if any advantages there are for using the online advance 10 day check in.


We did the online check-in last visit and it went really smooth. There is a separate line for those who checked in online. They had our room ready immediately so all they had to do was hand us our packet and send us on our way with our map of the resort and our key cards. I’m not sure what it is like if you don’t use online check-in, but we were impressed with how quickly we were settled.


Never used it and we arrive sooo early, about 6am that we are always served quickly. 1 they gave us room immdeiately and the next trip we waited until 2 to get our room.

Might try it just for kicks.


Isn’t this just what happens normally though? Packet, resort map, room keys and a smile then off you go? We havn’t used online check in before and had pretty much the same experience.

The only difference Im guessing is that fewer people check in online so perhaps that line will be shorter than the regualr check in line, but I’ve never had to line up for more than maybe 10minutes to check in.


One of the advantages to on line check in is that it does ask you for your estimated time of arrival and also let’s you choose request (ie: first floor, close to transportation). We’ve used it twice now and both times our requests have been honored AND the room was ready upon arrival. I’m not saying this is a guarantee but I do think it helps.


We considered using it last trip, but heard prior to travelling that it didn’t make a whole lot of difference? Let us know what you think if you decide to use it.


Figure it can’t hurt. Wow-this is why I come here. Good information for sure.


Only place I can see it making a difference is at the Values and maybe the Mods. At the Deluxe level they have checkin areas broken down more so there doesn’t seem to be as hectic. Imagine getting behind one of the kid groups at Values. I would def do online then.


We have used it and cruised right to our rooms. Last time I checked in and was ready to move on before DW could plant some meat in a seat.


We used it the last 2 time and the biggest thing is that we had our room ready for us. We usually get in around 9AM and only once before using online check in we alway had to come back to get our room after 2PM. i asked them if this is the norm for online check in they said that 90% of the time your room will be ready. During the busiest time of the year it 50/50.


if this is the case - then even if it is not ready at 6am we, we could go eat breakfast and it should be close ready by the time we got through.


Last time we checked in regular, I was second in line. I looked over at the line for on-line checkin, and there was at least 10 families waiting. I believe part of the reason was the person being helped in that line had 10,000 questions, which defeats the purpose of the fast check in, so I’m thinking that so many people waiting in line was a fluke.

I too have heard several times that the rooms seem to be always ready for the on-line check ins. We had to wait til around 3pm for our room, with regular check in.


When you use the online check in you aren’t in the line with the %#@%$ who is complaining about everything on her bill like the price they paid for their dining plan for 15 minutes.

That’s what I experienced recently when I got in very late and the reservation clerks was down to only 2 people. At 1:30 in the morning, my stupid people tolerance level ESPECIALLY after 6 hour flight delays!


We used it last year and didn’t really see much of a difference. Our room wasn’t ready until after 3 or so. Not sure if we’d use it again or not.


It’s all in WHO you know. :mickey: :laugh:


Well Duhhhh - you’re a [COLOR=“DarkGreen”]Packers[/COLOR] fan. I’d make you wait, too!

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Used on line check in on our last visit- it went so smoothly. God did i feel smug going to the on line check in desk with no line when there was about 20 people waiting to check in the usual way:ninja:


We have never used this service either but I think we will give it a try after reading this thread.


We used the online check in for our trip in November. We were staying at Pop Century. We got there in the morning, and walked right over to the “online check in” line. There was noone on that line, but the regular check in line was atleast 30 - 40 people deep. They gave us our packet, I gave them a credit card to put on our key to the kingdom card, and they told us our room was ready. It was very easy and convenient. My feeling is that it can’t hurt to try it.


Can you do on-line check in with DVC points? Or does it make no difference - checking in - is checking in?