What is the best building in POP


Hi All~
I had the same question as someone staying at another resort.
What is the best building to stay at in PC that we wont have to pay the xtra $?
I also heard that you can see fireworks from some of the buildings.
I requested the 50’s (I think) Lagoon side. Any info on this will help out. Thanks! :tongue:


I stayed in the 50’s and I wasn’t a big fan…we seemed to be in the farthest possible room from the main building and we were facing a tree…
We’ve stayed in the 80’s building the other 2 times and we have loved it…even though once our room was just as far of a walk to the main building as out room in the 50’s, but we had a lagoon view and we were 5 seconds from the Computer Pool…Either way, they’re all good


Where do ya’all think we should stay if we wanna see the fireworks?


My sister in law LOVED the 80’s building, I will have to ask her if she could see the fireworks.


I think the 70’s would be best because they are a little bit closer to the bus stops and at the end of the night a little closer may be a good thing! We stayed in the 50’s and it was fine, I’ve just been spoiled by POFQ where everything is very close by! If you stayed in the 70’s you could still walk over to the 50’s side to see the fireworks. I was there 11 days but never saw them because we were always at the parks at fireworks time! One good thing about the 50’s was that the pool was right outside our door.


Well…unfortunatly…to actually see the fireworks you need to be on the 4th floor in either the 90’s building A or 50’s building A…and you need to stand outside in the ‘hallway’ to get a good view of the tops of the fireworks…it’s not an impeccable view…and If i remember correctly in the 50’s building the best place to see it is along the stairwell…


oh cool… I think I asked for 4th floor lagoon side but we will prob be in the parks for the fireworks… Im not missing that like we did last time… I thought it would be better to leave after the parade to beat the crowds. The was the most stupid thing I did last time.


We’re paying the extra $10 a night next time for a preferred room…it’s the only way DH will stay in a value again and we just don’t spend enough time in the room (and we stay too long!) to spend the $$ on a moderate…so we’re compromising! Didn’t realize you could see the fireworks from PC though…nice to know!


We have been in the 90’s both times we went(we asked for the 90’s the second time) and we liked it. We could see fireworks from there and to get to the main building all you have to do is cut through the parking lot.


If you request the 50’s building, be sure to request that you be near the Lady Statue. This puts you at the end closest to the main building, and is very convenient.