What is the best horror movie out


Ok i want to know what is the best horror movie out right now that would be good to see.

I almost saw silent hil.

what about an american haunting

any others out that are good to go see and worth the money?


I think that Silent Hill looks good …but I always wait for pay per view or DVD :frowning:


oooohhhh… I want to see An American Haunting… DH won’t do scary movies, so I guess I’ll have to find someone else to go with.


I love horror movies. What’s that new one about posession I’ve seen advertised on TV?


I’m more a fan of Shyamalan (sp?) and Hitchcock myself.

Not to be a wet blanket, but is this thread in the right place? :huh:


I think it’s Mission Impossible 3…Oh sorry…you said best horror movie…not which movie has the scariest actor…My bad :nonono2: :wink:

I think American Haunting looks scary!


I was not sure their screever if i put this thread in the right spot i looked through them all to see witch I would be ok for this. yea i think all the movie horror ones look good and have not seen any of them yet guess i will know soon enough though by going to see them.


I like the deep horror flicks - Seven is my ultimate fave. My wife can’t stand those movies. We watched Saw one night on cable and I loved it she thought it was OK.

Is Saw 2 good?


have not seen saw two yet or saw one did not look good. I saw the amitiville horror the remake now that was good.


As far as sequels go, Saw 2 was pretty good. It has a good twist at the end.