What is the best park to spend New Years Eve?


What park is the best for us to spend New Years Eve with a 12 and 16 yo daughters.:mickey: :goofybounce:


My vote would be EPCOT. When I was there one New Year’s Eve, the Illuminations show was extra-special.

However, I’d suggest you have a family vote and go with that.


We will end up with a vote, but advise will help guid us.



I can’t speak from experience, but I’ve heard CM’s say that Epcot is the park most able to absorb the massive crowds of the holidays.


I would definitely choose EPCOT. They serve alcohol :wink:


Since we will be in MK on Christmas Epcot sounds like a great Choice.


The MK was so crowded New Years Eve 2006, that they weren’t allowing anyone else in at 11:30 am. It was pretty much locked down for the rest of the day since no one would leave for fear of not getting back in. We ended up in Epcot and it was nice. They handed out hats and glasses, and the size of Epcot made it feel less crowded. We were also able to come and go a couple of time throughout the day without fear of not getting back in. We did however leave before Illuminations (DD has sensitive ears and fireworks trigger massive headaches:eek: ) so I don’t know about the special Illuminations:crying: .


Help Mod I put this in DL not WDW.


I’ve never been brave enough to tackle WDW on New Year’s Eve. But I’ve always heard Epcot was the best park for that evening.


I agree with the Epcot suggestions.


Epcot it is.



We spent New Years in Epcot and it was a great night, especially being able to celebrate our hoe New Year over at the Uk pavillion! Ive never seen so many brits over there in one place other than the water parks! The fireworks are amazing too!


Yes Yes- another great thread!
Maybe a meet up will be in order!!!

How Fun!