What is the best place for breakfast?


I am looking into different places to eat that I have never been to-

I have done all the character ones and wont when its just us adults… any other ideas?


where have you been?


I personally like the Kona Cafe for breakfast at the Poly.
Everyone always mentions the Tonga Toast, but they have plenty of other items and we have always been happy.


I have done
CP,Auskershus,CRT and most of the regular food courts


that is where Im leaning now- I just sent the menu to DH- Im thinking a 9:00 adr since the park opens at 9 and we wont miss too much time- I have never been to the Poly and that will be cool to see


The other things that I REALLY enjoy are the bakeries.
Main Street bakery and the Boardwalk bakery.
If you like pastries, they are both great.


I love pastries but DH will want a real meal for breakfast if he is going to eat one


whispering canyon has a breakfast skillet & Kona looks amazing. Haven’t been anywhere tho, so I can’t give ya 1st hand reports! We are a quickie breakfast in the morning kinda people. Save room for lunch! I enjoy a nice breakfast every once in a while, but just never seem to do it on vacation!


that is our other option- since we have four counter service meals for 3 days of eating - I can get one breakfast and share it for two of the days with the extra cs meal- but I have that one day to work on…


I was looking at All Ears and it looks like a lot of the resort restaurants have breakfast…like Spoodles and Boma and Whispering Canyon.
I haven’t done any of those, but if you are looking for options.


I actually really loved Boma for breakfast. They have this stuff called “Jamba Juice” that is absolutely yummy, nice food offering, and I remember it was a nice way to start the morning; look at the animals, eat a good breakfast, then went to AK park.


Whispering canyon is fun, as mentioned. It’s still loud and has a disney fun feel, but no characters coming to your table. And it really is just a beautiful boat ride from MK.


We love Kona Cafe - the atmosphere, the friendliness, the relative quietness and most of all - the FOOD! We always plan a breakfast here then take the monorail over to the MK.


These are our favorite breakfast places:

Crystal Palace Character Breakfast (TS)
Boma (TS)
Kona (TS)

Wolfgang Pucks Express in DTD (CS)
Sunshine Seasons in Epcot (CS)


Kona Cafe is also my recommendation. They have a very good breakfast, good coffee, and convenient location. If you are going to the MK, you can’t beat its location.


Don’t forget that Earls has some awesome breakfast sandwiches… YUM!


I’d hit Kona just for the coffee! It’s amazing!!


Kona Cafe was great! TONGA TOAST…need I say more? :happy:


Boma is a great breakfast buffet without characters. Kona Cafe also offers a shrimp omelet. Spoodles has a breakfast buffet we’ll be checking out on our next trip. I seem to recall a breakfast buffet is served at the Dolphin as well.


I personally like Boatwrights at POR. They have a good country breakfast.