What is the best plane to fly to the parks on a roundtrip ticket?


Phew that was a mouthful! Anyways since this has been a popular subject this poll I’m sure would pop up eventually :P.


I would have to say southwest. I haven’t used them, but have heard nothing by glowing reviews about them. I wish there was a plane that WDW owned…that would rock. Direct service to WDW…lol I am curious as to how many people have used the usa 3000. They are having a fare sale and I have never heard anything about them. Anyone know anything about them?


Southwest :P.


Never had any problems.


I am going to say Continental, even though it wasn’t on the poll b/c they offer non-stop flights from Newark to Orlando, I get points for booking them with my onepass card, I’ve never had a flight leave largely delayed, cancelled, etc…

I really like Continental.


Cheapest: Northwest

Most comfortable/fastest: Midwest Express

Neither of which are in the poll, but that’s okay! :wink:


Lol I was going to put Northwest in but I was tryig to think of airlines that reached everyone. I wasn’t sure about Northwest. And DOY I forgot about Continental :P.


One that stays UP in the air!!! :eek: :eek:


We usually fly SW because they have the cheapest fares from Philly. My second choice would be airtran, because they usually match SW fares also.


I’m a diehard jetBlue fan, I’m afraid.


i voted southwest also.:mickey:


Delta here.
I flown them 10 or 12 times without a hitch. Can’t say the same for some of the others.


They aren’t on the list, but I’d have to say American. They fly non-stop from LAX to Orlando, and back as well. We’ve flown them each of the last three years and have had no problems at all. Also, in 2004 from LA to Orlando, both Richard Simmons and Ron Cey were on our flight.


Oh well they might not all be on the list but atleast everyone is learning good info about airlines :smiley:


We’ve always had good luck with Southwest. Great airline!


AMEN! I vote for that kind of plane too…lol


I just booked them one way to orlando. Got a great deal for 4 peps… $296.00 Ill use swest to come home due to usa 3000 disc flights outta philly in may


I voted southwest cause thats all I use


Now, those are my sentiments, exactly. :laugh:

I’m always amazed at the amount of airlines in the US. We have only two to choose from - Air Canada and WestJet - and as long as one of them gets me there, I’m not too fussy.


I would have to vote for Frontier! It wasn’t on the poll, but it is the only airline we fly. Great service and nice planes. Love the TV’s, especially with kids.