What is the best resort?


I know that is a very broad question, so let me narrow it down some.
We tried talking my wifes parents into going with us to disneyworld this past time we went,and they didnt want to go, they said it just didnt seem like something they would enjoy. Well, we just got back yesterday, and I made a video while we were there, it was about an hour long. I carried my camera to every park with me. I recorded everything that I wanted them to see. After my mother in law saw epcot, she said “its just not what I expected.” I think she expected something more childish,and not so elaborate. I recorded inside all the small shops throughout epcot country showcase, and it looked like she wanted to go. The icing on the cake was the footage I took of the osborne lights. Ok, so now my question is…out of all the deluxe resorts,which one is supposed to be the nicest,most elaborate,best service,easiest to navigate around, and not so spread out like some of the other resorts (coronado springs for example) . Im leaning towards the grand floridian. Is that supposed to be the cream of the crop ? I think they also might like the animal kingdom lodge or the polynesian. What is yalls thoughts on my dilemma ? I want to make reservations at a resort that will knock their socks off,and they will have to say “yes” when we tell them they are going with us on our next trip.


There are as many answers to your question as there are resorts.

Ask yourself these questions:

Which park/s do you think you will spend most of your time in? You may want to pick a resort based more on location than theme.

What’s your price range?

Is everyone able to get around easily?

Are you looking for a resort that offers both table service and counter service restaurants or can you live w/o one or both? Look over Allears and see which resorts offer restaurants you want to try.

Is there a theme you think they would like? For example, some people really like the theme of AK but it just doesn’t grab me for some reason.

What kind of transporation are you looking for or will you have a car?

Are you going back for the holidays? Do the holiday decorations factor into your decision?

Are you thinking about 2 rooms or could you be interested in a 2 bedroom suite at a DVC resort?

Ask 20 people which resort and you’ll get 20 different answers as to which resort is the best. Disney offers so many choices because we have so many different tastes.


If your main priority is to surround your parents with luxury, I would suggest Grand Floridian or Boardwalk. They might also be really impressed with Animal Kingdom Lodge or Wilderness Lodge, if they want adventure theming and luxury. Do they get around easily? Perhaps consider Beach Club/Yacht Club as well, since it has a nice boat service to the Studios, and a back door entrance to Epcot!

You mentioned Poly… I have never stayed there, and I don’t know a soul who doesn’t absolutely love it. But I think it might be too active for my own parents.

I am interested in seeing how this thread goes, as I would love to get my parents to WDW as well…


If money is NO object…I’d say the Polynesian or the Grand Floridian…the Floridian isn’t really my style…it’s beautiful and elegant and gorgeous don’t get me wrong but the Polynesian is more my style…it’s fun and gorgeous and ohhh so much fun!!
I have never stayed at either though…the only deluxe I have had the luxury of staying at is the AKL and it is just AMAZING! Granted it’s not on the monorail…and that’s it’s only downfall compared to the GF and Ploy…the animals and the atmosphere are amazing and I just love love that resort!


This may not fit the bill for all the requirements you listed, but Wilderness Lodge is IMO the best resort. IT is not “fancy” like The Grand FLoridian, but to me that place is too stuffy. It all boils down to what you really like. We love it there and plan to stay there again 12/08.


What theme of resort do you think they will like or be most attracted to? What theme will scream “luxury” to them?

I don’t care for the GF theme myself, I love the Poly. The AKL and the WL also appeal to me, theme-wise. The Epcot area resorts may appeal to your family more. So, besides the personal appeal of a theme, choose the resort based on the questions posed upthread about where you want to be, mobility issues, which parks you want to be closest to, whether or not you want to use the bus system or drive to parks (AKL) etc etc. to narrow your choice.

Really any of the deluxe resorts will be about the same for “deluxe-ness”, it’s just which theme they will like and what parks, what transportation opportunities you think will be best for your trip plan. (I do know some folks think the WL is not as deluxe as the other deluxe resorts, not something I noticed, but know I have seen it mentioned)


I tend to agree with the others here - while the Grand Floridian is GORGEOUS, it’s very chic-chic. It doesn’t mean to be - but it is. If your children are small you may feel nervous with them around such a sophisticated atmosphere. I’d be happy to stay there with my dh - but my kids probably wouldn’t have had the same feelings.

If your MIL is interested in Epcot, I’d suggest Boardwalk - which is within easy walking distance of Epcot. It’s a beautiful resort, with a beautiful setting.

You might be interested in renting Disney Vacation Club points and staying in a Villa. There are studio, one bedroom and two bedroom Villas at the Boardwalk.


I say Beach Club too if Epcot is a must see. We consider the BCV our “Florida House”. It might not have the luxury hotel feel you’d get at the GF, but it is Disney to us.


POLYNESIA*N !!!:laugh: :laugh: :pirate:


Absolutely right - in fact, if you want to please both your parents and your kids, Beach Club (or the Yacht Club) are luxury resorts - your mom is in walking distance to Epcot and your kids have Stormalong Bay - the best pool at WDW - almost a mini waterpark. Both Boardwalk and Beach Club have DVC (Disney Vacation Club) Villas. And both are gorgeous. The atmosphere at Beach Club is very relaxed and friendly. Boardwalk is slightly more restrained by still very unstuffy.


If your main criteria is how compact a resort is, I’d say the Contemporary, especially now. There is only the tower and the south wing and the south wing is pretty much attached to the main building. Poly and GF are multiple buildings and spread out a little bit. Beach, Yacht, Boardwalk, Wilderness, and AKL all tend to be big structures that can have some very long walks to the main lobby, especially if your room is out at the end of a finger or wing with Yacht and Beach being possibly the worst offenders.
Service, I would put all deluxe resorts on par, but WL has reduced room service hours compared to the others.
This post only deals with physical size and layout, nothing else.