What is the best ride for a large amount of people?


so does anyone have any ideas


How large? El Rio del Tiempo is always fun! And Small World. Maybe Pirates…


All the boat rides, like bali said!

Pirates, Small World, El Rio del Tiempo…they’ve all got the big boats that can fit quite a few people, and you’re all sitting pretty close if you want to converse.

But with 18 other people…you’ll still need 2 boats! :laugh:

Worst rides? Fantasyland dark rides that seat like 4 really skinny people to a car. :tongue:


aslo maybe the Jungle Cruise, the Energy ride at Epcot and Soarin.


Oh HEY! Tower of Terror, Kilimanjaro Safaris and Star Tours, those are all great choices too!


CoP…next :laugh:


Um… how about the Transit :biggrin:


Bugs Life
Honey I Shrunk the Audience
Mickey’s Philharmagic
Splash Mountain
Kali River Rapids
Small World
Jungle Cruise
Rio de Tiempo
Stitch’s Great Escape
Kilamanjaro Safari
WDW Railroad
Crush thing at Epcot
All other shows
Monorail…ha :laugh:

gosh, there are probably so many more I’m forgetting right now! You can do SO MUCH with a big group!


OMG Kim you rock! :laugh: You should be a vacation planner!


How skinny are the skinny people in Oregon!!! You can fit 4 people on Peter Pan???


:laugh: :laugh: I was thinking of Snow White/Pinocchio…I didn’t even think about Peter Pan!

Uh…no. We’re not quite THAT skinny over here! :tongue: DH and I in one of those pirate ships is about pushin it!


Universe of Energy, Journey into Imagination, … oh and all the shows, like Mickey’s Philharmagic; Honey I Shrunk The Audience; Indiana Jones Stunt Show; Lights, Motor, Action; oh, and one of our favorites… Spaceship EArth (you will be together, but in rows of two…)


The Great Movie Ride!!


don’t forget the great movie ride, and the back lot tour…


There’s always my favorite ride in all of WDW: Disney’s Out of Control Bus!

I think your list (which I won’t repost here) pretty much nails it. In general you just have to think what are the highest capacity attractions, and that leads you quickly to any show or theater experience. The boats would be another thing. In the extreme, an RnRCoaster train seats 28, if you can keep your group together that far into the queue. Big Thunder and E:E would also hold about 28 people per train, but again, you’ve got those queuing problems. Space Mountain only holds 6 per train, not recommended for larger groups. One row of Soarin’ equals 8, x3 rows is 24, but you’ve got incredible waits most of the time…


Yep - the People mover should work


Great Movie Ride
the Ellen DeGeneres thingie at Epcot
Back Lot Tour
Jungle Cruise
ToT (if they’ll let you go together)
Kilamanjaro Safari
WDW Railroad (it IS a ride)


Kali River Rapids only holds 8 per raft, so again, if your group is really big, it will be broken up.


I think this thread read in its entirety lists all attractions for large groups! :happy:


Wasn’t that the point?