What is the best way


We want to go to Universal on one of the days when we are at WDW this May. What is the best way to get there? Is there an easy way to rent a car onsite for one day? Should we call a cab? Get Quicksilver to pick us up?

What do you all suggest?



I would do a car service, less stressful and not much more than a cab.


Ditto; that’s exactly what I was going to say!


I didn’t know a cab would be that much. Would that be due to the distance?


I was wondering the same thing, only we wanted to go to Universal for 2 days (the studios and IOA), and after looking into it, we’re renting a car for a short time from the Dollar location across from DTD. We will have the car for about 3 days for $70 total (which seemed like a pretty good deal), and we can use it to make a grocery trip also. If you’re going to do both universal parks, it may get pricey to do a cab and/or car service-although, you can’t beat the convenience!


We arranged for a Mears bus to drive us there and back in '99. It was $7 a person round-trip way back when. It was quick and easy with no hassles and I would do it again in the future if it was still available. They do, however, pick up from other hotels too.


When we stayed at SSR two and a half years ago it was $16 plus tip to go from SSR to the Contemporary. I can’t imagine how much a trip off property would be if it was almost $20 with tip to go from one resort to another.


I called Mears last month and it was $17 rt per person.


I took a cab from home to DH’s work once (only 4.4 miles) and it set me back nearly $20 with tip! :pinch: I would imagine in Orlando the cabs are likely to be even more expensive. I think it’s what, 10 miles or so from WDW to Universal? I just figured a car service would be nicer and more convenient for the price.


Holy crap! That’s a dollar per year price hike!