What is the Bride's name in the Haunted Mansion


I can see it on the banner in the ride, but can’t make it out.
Husband (#2) I believe “was” Frank.



Constance Hatchaway, the “Black Widow Bride” (2006-present)Unveiled during the 2006 upgrades, the bride character was given an all-new look and backstory. Constance had married—and murdered—at least five wealthy men in the late 1800s, inheriting their fortune for herself. Her ghost utters sinister variations on classic wedding vows as a gleaming hatchet materializes in her hands. She was later installed at Walt Disney World’s mansion during the 2007 Re-Haunting. While much of Constance’s story is left to the imagination, there are some hints in the newly-packed attic that give guests insight into the character. A series of wedding portraits are displayed among the various wedding gifts and ceremonial trappings scattered throughout the attic - and as guests pass each photo, the heads of Constance’s former grooms disappear. In the last portrait, Constance holds a rose while posing next to her groom George Hightower, echoing the stretching portrait at the beginning of the ride of an old widow holding a rose as she sits atop the tombstone of her late husband George, whose stone bust has a hatchet lodged in its head. Constance is voiced and played by Kat Cressida [1], though there is some considerable CG work involved with the final product, which may have utilized other performance material as well. Photographs of Constance as she appeared in life are played by Julia Lee of Buffy the Vampire Slayer [2].


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