What is the latest news on Space Mtn?


Has anyone saw anything on the reopening of Space Mtn?? I was just curious.


Still sometime in late fall, but I won’t be surprised in the least if it gets delayed until February.


Any reason why you think this? I’ve never really kept track of rehabs. Do they usually run late?


I have yet to read anywhere exactly how extensive the refurb is.
However, in the coaster community it has been suggested that they are doing a complete track replacement. This would be a complete rebuild of the ride.
If that is the case, look at how long it took Disneyland’s Space Mountain to reopen in 2005 (even taking into account they delayed official reopening until July 17 to coincide with the 50th birthday).
MK’s Space Mountain closed in mid April and I can’t help but believe a deep refurb which adds all sorts of new on ride effects and a major rebuild, if not an outright replacement, of all the trains will be done in only 6 months including all testing and fine tuning of all new systems. And if the track is also replaced, this means that all new control systems will also have to be factored in.
That’s why I’m sure it will be February before there is a hard reopen of Space Mountain.


Thats a long refurb but it will definatly be worth it. It’ll be like a whole new ride with new tracks and cars!


It’s sort of bitter sweet, that we wont get to ride it next week…but I cant wait until we can ride it because it will be like a whole new ride almost!


I haven’t heard really anything about SM since it went down in April. Nothing is confirmed, but at the very least there should be a new queue and a (partial) track replacement with some new special effects. Late November is the current re-opening time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that got pushed back.