What Is The Most Magical Part Of Disney?


Tell me what part of Disney you find the MOST magical and why! Maybe a certain ride, parade, restaurant, or maybe just something exceptionally unexpected that a CM has done for you?

I was pondering this today to myself and I’m having a really hard time deciding, but I’m down to walking through Fantasyland :peterpan: and Tomorrowland at night, and just the amazingly uplifting feeling I get, or maybe when you ride Splash Mountain during EMH’s and just when you turn the corner on the ride, and all of a sudden you can see the castle allll lit up from the high up! It’s just one of the greatest feelings in the world! And uncomparable just the feeling of walking around Magic Kingdom when its empty at night, it’s just amazing to be able to stroll through a usually chaotic place, and its so peaceful and you really have time to just drink in all that magic!

So I’d like to hear your opinions or stories! I have plenty more to share too! :wub:


The first view of the castle when you walk under the bridge and onto main street. it’s awesome.

Also the fireworks over the castle. all I can say is WOW


It’s the end of the day at one of the theme parks. You are absolutely tired from trying to get everything in and you are leaving the park to go back to the hotel. Every part of your body can’t wait to hit the bed and get some sleep. The magic kicks in at that point because you get excited knowing that you have at least another day to do it all over again. I can’t think of any other time when I am that physically exhausted and can’t wait to exhaust myself again the next day.


DITTO . . . even for all the times I’ve been . . . this and Spaceship earth lite up at night get a WOW from me each time. :wub:


Knowing I will be spending the time with my family (DH&DSs81&2)and we will be having fun.It’s just so magical!


Everytime I hear when you wish upon a star or jimmy cricket my heart melts:wub:

And when I ride HM and just see the details and the technology that’s way before it’s time. There are just some things you look forward to every year, and when you see it, it lets you know you really are in Disney.:blush:


Arriving and seeing this sign.


I think Wishes is the best fireworks they’ve ever done, and it is definitely the most magical experience for me!

Wishes was especially magical for me last October when I watched with my family on my birthday!:wub: I cried it was so special!


I think that it is spending ?'s days with your family and seeing the smiles on the kids faces and their laughter.The sight of the castle when you get there. checking in and getting your room is exciting.You Are HOME again.


Yes I have to agree with Sue, the sight of the castle never fails to overwhelm me/us.


Mine is hard to describe! It’s that feeling I get as soon as I step foot onto Disney property and the smell in the air (Disney really does have a smell all it’s own!!)


I agree, it’s the smell. I always take a deep breath when I hit mainstreet. BUT, nothing beats the way my kids eyes smile!!


EVERYTHING! Just being there, I don’t think I could pick just one thing. I guess if I had to sum it up though the most magical part is being transformed into a world of fantasy & magic, forgetting a world of ‘the norm’ even exists outside the gates.


For me it’s walking down mainstreet and hearing that music playing and greeting all the CM’s as I walk towards the castle.That music they play does something to me. It puts me in the right mood the rest of my trip.


you know, I said this the first time we were there. You totally forget a world exists outside of DW. It’s just so hard to explain. I’ve had vacations other places and you don’t have this same “detachment” that you have at DW.

I guess you have to feel it too to understand what we are trying to explain, right?


I know that smell!! you’re right it does!- sometimes when DD and I are out shopping one of us will say I smell America/ Disney/ New York City- and boy when you’re at home in rainy old England that sure is the best smell in the world!!



I did not even get through Stacy’s whole post and this was my answer!

Good minds think alike!



I guess it’s just the atmosphere that does it, If the Magic Kingdom had no attractions, only the Magic Kingdom. I would still go :blush:

The Main Street Trolley Parade is all pure “Magic, wrapped up in pixie dust”:happy:


Everything! :laugh: This may sound strange but I also just LOVE staying on property - the theming of the hotels, the food courts, the gift shops, everything. I just love returning to the hotel for breaks and at night - the magic doesn’t end when you leave the parks. :wub:


The most magical part of Disney fo us is the 1st time we walk into the Magic Kingdom. This says we made it back home