What is the number allowed in a studio at VWL?


I was looking at a “what if” trip. My DD would need space for 5. It only mentions a bed and sofa bed at VWL, but it continued the search with 5 people listed. I tried the search at OKW, but was blocked with the studio not being big enough.


Most of the studios are 4 plus infant.

Or 12 if you are REALLY friendly, don’t care about room keys for everybody, and don’t tell WDW. But you HAVE to bring your refillable mugs from prior trips. :laugh:


I don’t know how a family with big kids/ teenagers can stay at a studio for more than a day or two. Unless the kids are under age 6, there isn’t enough oxygen in the room for everyone.

Once at AKL Jumbo, my DS and wife stayed one night with us. ( We were moving the next day, and their flight was cheaper a day early) We had to put luggage in the bathroom to fit everything.


If you are referring to DVC - Villas of Wilderness Lodge, they just converted them over to hold a party of 5 in the studio with one of those pull down, bunk bed size beds.