What is the one ride or attraction you always go on?


Hey everyone, i am just curious what everyone’s favorite ride, show or attraction is that you have to go to every time you visit the parks?

I would have to say mine is the Kilimanjaro Safari ride at Animal Kingdom. Or Dinosaur!


I go strait to Haunted Mansion then space mt at MGM Tower and roking rolercoster.But HM is my Fav :cool:


Thats one of favorite rides. We also :heart:love:heart: Sorin!!!



Alright, I’m a big cheese, I have to do all the rides in Fantasyland or it’s just not real to me. I’m still a big kid though, my DD is just an excuse for me! :blush:


MK - Splash
Epcot - Soarin’
MGM - Great Movie Ride (if it was just me it’d be RnR and ToT, but DH and DS don’t ride, so I don’t do it EVERY time we enter the park)
AK - Kali River Rapids (but after this trip it’ll be EE, for me, I’m sure)


BTMR…its the best at night.


First stop - Buzzlightyear!!! DH has not beat me yet!


What ride to I have to do??? All of them!!!


Splash Mountain!!!

Although I agree with Karliebug too!!


We always ride the TTA [People mover] first. :smile:


MK- Jungle Cruise
Epcot- Maelstrom/Spaceship Earth
MGM- Tower of Terror
Universal- Mummy
Seaworld- Journey to Atlantis (I LOVE mimes!)


my favorite ride i like to go is Soarin in Epcot.:mickey:


MK: Pirates of the Caribbean :pirate:
EPCOT: Spaceship Earth
MK: Rockin’ Rollercoaster
AK: Expedition Everest!


MK = Buzz, Splash, Pooh, Peter, Philarmagic ( I like many more but these are must do’s)
Epcot - Soarin
AK - Going to be EE…lol and KS
MGM - RnR, TOT and muppets 3-D


Splash Mountain for me!


I have to say It’s A Small World


MK: POTC, Carousel of Progress(Just for the Song!!)
EP: Spaceship Earth.
MGM: Great Movie Ride
AK: Lion King.
No thrill rides here, but these are the most memorable rides, or shows, like nowhere else on Earth!!


Too many rides & attractions, too little time!!

MK: BTMR, Splash Mtn, Haunted Mansion, Buzz
MGM: ToT, RnRRC, Little Mermaid
EPCOT: Soarin, Test Track
AK: Safari, Cali River Rapids (have not been to EE yet)


Epcot - TT and Soarin
MGM - Great Movie Ride
AK - Tough to be a Bug
MK - All of them!!! I would have to say that the one I can’t miss is Peter Pan.


I have to, have to go to Splash Mountain. It is my absolute favorite.