What is the one


What is the one ride you have never rode at WDW? And why.

(has to be a current ride…no extinct ride that you have no chance of riding now).

Tomorrowland speedway. It just reminds me to much of commuting to work to be worth the wait or any fun.


Stitch, and that is the only one0 not including water parks, as I have never been there.


Splash Mountain…


Tower of Terror. I don’t want my stomach flying out of my mouth.


All I can think of is the carnival-type ride in Dinoland at the AK…Triceratops Spin

Reason…cause its a carnival-type ride for the kiddies.


I haven’t rode Everest yet but will this october, my husband has riden every ride there is. I didn’t ride the last time waas that I hurt my back before we left forWDW and didn’t wish to add anyinjury to it.


RnRC - I don’t like roller coasters, I think. I am afraid of things that have restraints. For some reason I have a fear of those restraints failing. However, I promised my DH that I would ride it in December. He loves this ride.


Tower of Terror, because i’m skeered of heights. Same goes for Summit Plummet too plus I don’t like the wedgie.


Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Don’t know why after so many trips growing up and with the kids.


Dumbo… Even with my love this character I have never ridden it at WDW. I did ride it at DL when I was there in August.


Teacups - too spinny :blow:


Stitch’s Great Escape. I just heard it was terrible and had no desire to do it. And I never plan to. I’ve ridden ExtraTerrestial, so I know the basic concept of the ride - just don’t want to see Stitch or smell his awful burp.


It is terrible, horrible, disgusting and claustrophobic. If I could have escaped, I would have.


Stitch - waste of good needed space. I am always stunned when I walk by and see crowds waiting to be let in. Of course these could be people that are not familiar with the park and rides. First timers, because guaranteed no one wants to see this particular attraction more than once :blow:


I honestly think we have been on every current ride at all 4 parks at least once. I guess we have not been on the recent update of the JoJo’s circus thing at Hollywood Studios. When we went years ago it was Bear in the Big Blue house (Gosh, I love Bear). Otherwise I think everything at least once.


Triceratops Spin… My daughter and my wife LOVE this ride… My daughter and her friend rode it 5 times in a row this past December without fail (no line). I just cannot stand getting nauseous. The older I get, the more nauseous I get on rides like this. I have ridden everything else, but I cannot bring myself to climb on this mild manner beast. If it weren’t for riding the teacups when I was a teen, I would never have ridden them.


dumbo Hate lines and find this one moves slower than most


Mission Space - I saw a gentleman sitting near test track white as a ghost who said he just got off of mission space. I have a week stomach as it is with spinning, so have had no desire since then.


Mission Space! We were there during the week it opened and saw so many people sick that I’ve never even been curious enough to risk the ride. Still don’t want to ride it with the tamed down version now.


Ride the tame version… No spinning, and it is AMAZING!