What is this song?


I have had this CD for years Amazon.com: Disney’s Music From The Park: Music: Olivia Newton-John,Linda Ronstadt Richard Page and love it but I can’t figure out what the last track (#14) is.

If you scroll down you can listen to a small part of it. It’s a medley of several songs but I don’t know what they’re from.

Any ideas?


I have no clue. I just listened to it and all could think of is maybe music before the fireworks start or at the beginning of the parade. I’d be curious to find out too.


hmm… I’m not sure… but maybe it is from a parade or fireworks.


i feel like i heard it when maybe walking out of a show or out of the park at the end of the night- or something… it’s the ending of something— ugh… i first wanted to think Animal Kingdom… then I thought something at the castle stage… then main street and the end of the night- could it be??? Did you google it??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :glare:


it’s from Illuminations:

“IllumiNations 25”

* Performed by The Disney Big Band

I put Disney’s Music From the Parks in wikipedia


Thank you so much!! I have wondered about that track for years.


Emerson, what great detective work!!!