What is TouringPlans.com and is it worth it?


I was looking at the TouringPlans.com site and it is only $9, but what does this access give you. Does it give you more than a regular guide book? I have several current guide books. Just wondering if I would find this helpful.


Don’t know about them- but I love tourguidemike.com. They are great! They have great plans…


It is worth it, but if you have the unofficial guide to WDW in your guide book collection, skip this site. Same people…


I love it just for the crowd calendar. I own past copies of the Unofficial Guide, and got hooked on the crowd calendar. I don’t have a need right now for a new UG, so I just subscribed to the site this year. I love it! I think it is so worth it!


It has many more touring plans, you can also customize the. The crowd calender is also very helpful. You can also stream podcasts(informative and entertaining). It’s a great value for the price.


The membership to tourning plans.com also gives you access via the app for droids to get ride wait times and other park info such as parade times. Well worth the money IMHO. Can’t wait to use the app in a few weeks.


Hmmmm . . . I need to see if they have an app for the iPhone.


If touring plans doesn’t I believe that there is some other type of app for the iphone.


I have several Disney apps . . . wait times, dining . . . I’d love a touring plans one!:happy:


I use Tplans all the time. They keep the information from the guide updated. The tailored plans are a big plus, too. For nine bucks, you can’t go wrong.

I mean, you can - you can call Rich long distance …


Hmmm, that’s almost enough to get me off the fence and get a smart phone.



I downloaded the touringplans.com app to my iPhone this morning, and it doesn’t work very well. I think it needs an update. I’m disappointed, because it looks like it has some good information that would be very useful on a trip. At least it was free.


A new way to feed my Disney and planning addiction!!