What is up with my Dreams?


I don’t know if I am overplanning or just crazy.
It seems like everytime I have a dream about our trip, which seems to be a lot, I can never get anything done. Let me explain:
In one dream, we get to the hotel, but can’t find the room, we spend HOURS tugging around our luggage up and down hallways just to find ourselves back outside in the parking lot! And now its dark so a whole day wasted looking for the room.
The hotel is in the middle of the worse neighborhood ever! Run down houses, homeless people, cops everywhere, then you turn the block and like a light from heaven there is the WL! (whats up with that?)
And this one happens alot,
I get to Splash Mountian, now I either can’t find the ride, or as soon as I get to it it’s closed, or i get there and I have to get out of line, or it breaks down while on it.

There are many other dreams I have which things go wrong,could it be that I am worrying too much about this “vacation”? I am the planner of the family, where to stay what to eat when where what time etc.
Hopefully as soon as it’s paid off I can stop having these dreams and actually finish a ride!!

Any thoughts? Am I just crazy? (wait don’t answer that!)


I totally get it. I am the planner (overplanner) and everyone gets frustrated with me and wants to wing it but then we wont get into the table services and so its better to plan and unless they tell me where it is they desire to go I can’t make sure they get to it and if they don’t tell me they want a special pair of sneakers or whatever this trip will be I can’t pack it. Few. I still have more to say. The worse thing is it comes out to many sleepless nights b/c of some crazy dream I have that night. My husband thinks I am crazy!So my advice, don’t ask yours!
I think it is that we are excited and anxious and a little disney runs in our blood! Whatever is going to happen is just going to happen and we can’t do a thing to change it. “Tomorrow will worry for itself.” which is my new verse to cling to. Lets see how it works. I just started to try it yesturday. This morning is challenging it!
Honestly, what I am going to do this trip is plan as best as I can but remember to be flexible. That way even if we have to eat at a quick service b/c we missed the ADR then so be it. If the ride breaks down while your on it…they ussually fix it pretty quick! I think they complete the line if its closing time but I’m not sure. Anyway, try to breathe and leave room for flexability


You are planning to much. You are allowing your anticipation turn into anxiety and that is why it’s hitting you when you are asleep. The trip obviously is important to you and something you are really looking forward to for you to be having these kinds of anxieties about it in your sleep. My adivice? Loosen up your plans a little bit…make room for some spontaneous fun or change of mind. IT’s a vacation, not a military operation. If your plans aren’t tight and you are still having these kinds of dreams, I have no clue what to advise except when you lay your head down at night, think of all the good things that are going to come of the trip. Perhaps you are subconciously thinking that things are going to go bad on the trip…start your sleep by thinking about all the fun stuff you are going to do instead of what can go wrong. I have the same issues when my trip starts to get here…I start thinking about the “what if’s” etc and it’s really stressing. I really lighten up by making my plans organized (park of the morning and one planned meal)in the mornings and leave the night for doing what we want to do when we are there. Try to relax about the trip. I know there is a lot of time planning and money at stake, but it’s really hard to have a bad time at WDW if you go there to smell the roses too.


I know I am stressing and planning too much. i think this time around it’s a lil more cuz this will be the first year with the dining plan. never did it before. I have the sit down places all figured out. I haven’t made ADR yet, don’t know which park will be when. THAT I am going to let it flow. I do know that the first day will be MK. after that…who cares??? We are there and i even planned another day just to relax. well…relax a little! lol
What gets me is i can never get on a ride!!! I wake up and go…NOOO try to fall back asleep lol My husband thinks im nuts! Bad thing is…i still have 6 months to go! Ok 195 days 13 hours and 50 min till we leave…
PLUS it will be our anniversary when we go…yeah imma need a vacation from this vacation.


For a minute there I thought you were describing Disney Land in California.:rolleyes:


LOL OUCH!!! I was thinking more like New Orleans Pre-Katrina


What are your dates exactly? You are making this to hard on yourself when it doesn’t need to be. Want me to tell you where to go and when? I know how to hit every single ride…which days to go to which park…what time to get there etc. It’s VERy methodical with me and I am really good at it…lol You need to figure out your park plan and then work your ADRs into that plan. Never make your ADR plans and then your park plans around that. You could choose the wrong park on the wrong day. You are stressing me out and it’s not even my trip. Planning isn’t stressful…it’s fun. Breathe…Chart the park hours first…after charting decide if you want to hit EMH’s in the am, pm or not at all. After that, pick the park or parks you must to twice…spread them out. After that, you fill in the other days that are open with other parks and things to do. Once you finally have the park plans down and are happy with it, fill in your ADR choices to coordinate with your park plans so you don’t spend to much time getting from ADR to park or parks to ADRs. You are not suppose to be rushing from one place to the next like a chicken with no head. That is just setting your trip up to be stressful. No wonder you are having dreams about not getting on any rides… ugh…send me the dates and I’ll work it out for you if you want. It will take me about 25minutes.


Oh yeah! That is the best advice! I didn’t even pick up on it. All plans are made around the parks and the EMH you plan to be apart of. What are you thinking when you go to sleep? “will I make it on splash mountain tonight in my dreams?” BREATHE! Choose which EMH you want to hit and plan the ADR around that. I only have people tell me where they want to eat and I do the rest just like Dana. I dream more about the rides I get to tourture my son on…no just kidding. My dreams are pleasant vacation dreams…or stressful ride down dreams! Which there is no planning around b/c I find those high traffic volume areas are just there no matter what! Dana can you help with that one? RI to Daytona then Disney! I still don’t see how less miles can be more time! It doesn’t make sense to me. Plus why can’t they just say 95 S til you reach FL RT4. It’s so much easier than all that jumble in the middle!


I have no clue. I never, ever drive. I can’t sit still longer than about 2 hours and that makes the last 1/'2 or so on the plane really annoying to anyone flying with me…lol I don’t know why they don’t just say 95S all the way…maybe it just sounds to boring, so they add the jumble in between…:laugh:


OK this si what i thought of so far…
Its a 12 hour drive…we will get to Wilderness Lodge…check in (hopefully we can check right in…i think we should get there about 1 or 2 pm…)
then head straight to MK! (gotta be first) Ok dining…i don’t think i found anything at MK for a sit down, so we will rpofbally just do a counter…and maybe Whispering that night as a sit down. We can stuff ourselves silly then crash! Ok day 2…since MK closes at 7pm that day ( 7pm???) i was thinking about hitting epcot. we always hit epcot later in the trip and we are always so tired…so i decided epcot early in the trip…ok Dinner…Le Celliar…we can do a counter early in the day…( we aren’t breakfast eaters)
Now…day…3…Probally HS…i know i do want to eat at 50’s. for dinner (most of the sit downs will be dinner) and whatever has a CS.
day 4…AK… counter service at Flame tree, i read they had awesome sammiches there, and head back for dinner to the Contemporary for Chef Mickey…ok Now…the last 2 days…i haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m sure we will hit MK again those next 2 days. I want to hit O’hana for dinner, and OOPS forgot about beirgarten in epcot…well i guess we can space it out over the next 2 days…Whew ok…I think i want to hit O’hana on the 6th day, cuz thats our anniversary…ssooooo ok thats it
yeah im usually not this…umm…FREAKED OUT!! im not i swear…lol


It closes at 7pm? That is probally a MNSSHP night then or night of joy or something. They only time they close MK at 7pm is for a special event. You are adding unnecessary travel time into your day from park to ADR. You can seriously simplify this plan to make more sense.

mk - whispering canyon for dinner

epcot - lecellier for dinner

Hollywood studios - 50’s prime time for dinner

AK - chef mickey’s for dinner

epcot - biergarten

mk - o’hanna for dinner

easy peasy.


I would say you have extreme anxiety over you trip. I know a bit obvious, but that is my immediate thoughts. Try not to stress so much about all the details. The more you stress and over plan the more upset you will become should there be some bumps in the road on your trip. At some point you just have to go with the flow IMO.:smile:


I don’t think I’m stessing…it’s more of a…well…I just want everything to be perfect…oh god i sound like a control freak! lol

I know it sounds bad, and I still have 6 more months…well actually OMG i only have 15 more days till my 180 mark!!!

I’m kidding, I’m not freaking out…lol
but you schedule sounds good…i like the MK and O’hana on the 6th day.
I heard so many good things about O’hana’s dinner

Ok now maybe i can actually check in the hotel and get on a ride…in my dreams at least…

For now…


If it makes you feel any better my husband refuses to plan ANYTHING, No ADR, looking into hours etc, and he still has really weird dreams. When we went the last morning he dreamt that we boarded the wrong plane and ended up in Greenland instead of Orlando. Some people just have weird anxiety dreams at times. Just try to take a deep breathe and think of something good when you go to sleep. That way its more likely your dreams will be good ones.


Thats ok I still haven’t told y’all about the Cruise dream i had…and thats not till 2010!!! :laugh: :mellow:


Please listen…this trip is not going to be perfect…nothing is perfect. How you handle the imperfctions you encounter is what is going to be the deciding factor on wherther this trip is great or not. If you have perfection in mind, you are setting yourself up for the biggest let down of all. Believe me…it happended to me one to many times at WDW. You have to roll with the punches, be prepared to change plans and just go with the flow when things go wrong. Even the best laid plans can get shot in the butt…make your plans loose…very loose or you are going to give yourself a heart attack every time something in your plans goes different or wrong.


I know…i guess i have DOCD~ Disney Obsessive Complusive Disorder

Heck I’m even palnning if a hurricane hits! Thats no problem, i live in South La.
Thats just a normal day for us! I’m actually getting better at it. I did have a messed up dream last night, but woke up and said…yeah that figures then went back to sleep! Weird thing is…i think i have these dreams even when i’m NOT planning a vacation! My mind works in mysterious ways…Wait my mind actually works? Check me out! 194 more days!
Just think how bad my pre-trip report is going to be…
I’ll probally have everything under control by then!

Hi, My name is Marion, and i’m a disneyholic…:blush:


My DH and in laws think I’m a disneyholic too. When you find meetings let me know!
Actually I just recently came to the conclusion that we’re better off than the ones who aren’t! Go figure! I can think of worse things to be.


I don’t think you are crazy at all…I TOTALLY have the same kind of dreams when I have a Disney vacation coming up! Even if I don’t feel like I’m stressing out or overplanning, those dreams tend to pop up. I think it’s just my inner ADD that can’t stand the wait and/or thought of plans not going perfectly. :rolleyes: When, in reality, nothing on vacation ever goes JUST according to plan, but it usually turns out fantastic anyway.

I wish I could make those dreams go away - for me, and for everyone else! :laugh: