What is with Disney Deals?


On Ebay I always shop at Disneydeals, it has all of the discontinued stuff from the catalog and stores. They usually have a lot of stuff, but now there’s hardly anything. Does anyone else shop there? What is up?


I have visited the site a few times to look for antenna toppers, but I haven’t been there lately.


I’ve bought a WDW Grumpy t-shirt for $8 w/ shipping (reg $22 in the parks), and a Tigger hooded sweatshirt for $12 (reg ?? in the parks).

But the selection is limited. It’s mainly leftover stock Disney is trying to liquidate (Think–Belz Outlet’s Disney store). So you take what you can get.

You just have to watch it until you see something good.


Yeah, I have bought tons of stuff on there, but usually when I look there is a lot of stuff. Not all stuff I want, but a lot of stuff. Lately when I go on, there is maybe 8 or 10 things. Disappointing.


Come to think of it, my mom shops at a Disney outlet that is near where she lives, and she said lately it has had nothing. Been really empty. Think it could be connected?


Mine here in St. Augustine is still full, and I am there at least once every two or three weeks, and there is usually new stuff every time!


I have never been on that site before. Do you have a link to it? I like cheap disney stuff. :wub:


Here si the link:

www.disneydeals.com… good luck everybody! I am going there now!