What is your absolute favorite resturant?


We are having problems selecting. :confused::confused:


We really liked LeCellier and Chef Mickey’s!!


At the moment and at Disney it is the Flying Fish Cafe at the Boardwalk. But stuff like that with me is always subject to change just as soon as I try another new restaurant and like it better :tongue:

Really now, we loved the Flying Fish!!


Oh jeeze, that is really hard. An all around family favorite is the Luau.

But restaurant wise I’d say, fo tastes, any restaurant we’ve eaten in ECPOT was delicious. Biergarten, San Angel Inn are soooo yummmy!

But we also love 50’s PTC, when you want a home made meal that hits the spot!

Thats a hard decision though. haha.


Ohanas for dinner hands down. I love the salad


Le Cellier…bar none!


Artist Point at WL.


Bistro de Paris and the Menu Degustation w/ wine pairings. Followed up w/ a walk around the Epcot resort lake. We’re too full to just go back to the resort.


Narcoosees at the Grand Floridian. Make a late reservation: 7:30-8 ish and you can see both the parade of lights (boats on the lake) and Wishes, complete with music. The food and service are over the top good! Even the kids are offered filet mignon on the kids menu! Window seats are the best, but if you dont have one, just take a stroll out to the deck to see the boat show. Fabulous!


California Grill tops my list. Baloo took me there for a romantic little dinner date and it was amazing. Seeing Wishes at the end was the icing on the cake - I got teary-eyed!! :heart:

For a meal in the parks, my family loves Biergarten! Great food, fun atmosphere, friendly servers!


Le Cellier, Ohana and Cal Grill. Sorry for three but I can’t decide on just one. I like them all for very different reasons.


citricos,just nudged narcoosees,les chefs de france …the good foodand great service ,have a special spot for the brown derby…well there are so many and so many more to try so many choices and just not enough trips…what a problem eh


This is my vote also, with Le Cellier a very close second.


HS - Brown Derby
MK - Liberty Tree Tavern
Epcot - Chef de France (favorite favorite)
Resorts - Yachtsman Steakhouse


Boma’s on Rib night (Wed and Saturday nights)


I also have to say Boma-- its just so unique!


anyone been to shulas…???


Haha, now your decision is probably twice as difficult. There are a lot of different favorites here :smile:


Dopey You are correct. Now we are really scratching our heads. But there are some new ones mentioned we havent tried yet and some repeats like La Celliar that are always safe.


Artist Point is my fave. Hoop de Doo would enter the picture if entertainment was a factor.