What is your average length stay at WDW?


Hello all! I have been thinking about this for a little bit now. How many days is the average trip to WDW? The reason I ask is I get so many little remarks about my trips from others at work or in my family. My upcoming Sept trip started out to be 6 night and 7 days. Then I decided to add another night and then another after that making it a total of 9 nights and 10 days for myself and my daughter. When I mentioned that I added more nights people often say ‘dont you think 6 is enough’ matter of a fact a girl came to me all excited about her new booking of 3 days! Now I think that’s a waste of time and money even though I DID drive 17 hours once to go to MK for 6 hours and drive all the way back home in a brand spanking new car with only 15 miles on it.(yeah I know that was insane) so my question is what’s the average night stay of your WDW trip?


we go for 8 nights… and see everything inside the 4 major parks. I mean everything…


Our average is 7 nights, because that’s a standard DVC week. Although, I MUST say that the little trips we take [2-3 nights] are often some of the most exciting & awesome trips! Never felt like they are a waste. We usually do one big trip & one small trip per year to WDW.


We have gone for 8 days twice, one 14 day, and this year we are going for 12 days. so our average would be around 10?


We usually go for 7 nights.


I’m sorry…By waste I should have mentioned her flight leaves 4 something in the afternoon on depart day and 7 am coming home…


So should I keep my 9 night deal or perhaps take a night off? I’m afraid that it may be too many nights away from the rest of the family. (Husband and oldest staying home) or just keep it the way it is and say forget about it!. Lol…


Should I keep my 9 nights or take a day off the ressie? I’m afraid it may be too many nights away from the rest of the family. (Husband and oldest staying home) or just keep it how it is and say forget about it?


Our first 2 trips were 10 days each, but this year is going to be 14!! If your daughter and husband are fine with you away, then I say keep your trip as is!!:laugh:


Though we’ve stayed longer, we usually go for 6 nights. We go every year so that’s perfect for us. If we didn’t go every year, then we’d probably stay 8 nights.


Our trips are 10-14nights. Only did we go once for 7days and it just wasn’t long enough for us. There is so much to do and we like to have some “down” days as well to just relax. There are also a lot of other factors you individually have to take in: how far away you travel from, if you have young kids, etc. The extra time/cost from a further destination usually works out better to make the trip a bit longer, and, you can’t get as much done in a day with three young kids as you could if you are just two adults.

My opinion, keep the trip as planned…with Disney, the longer the better!!


Don’t let people’s opinions at work influence you. How did you feel about it when you first made the 9 night reservation? If you are leaving DH and your other child home I would ask DH what he feels most comfortable with, as far as how many days he feels comfortable taking care of the home & your older girl.


Our average trip now is about 8 nights but when my daughter was younger and school was not an issue we use to go 12 days in the fall and another 7 -8 days in January. I would go for as long as I could!!!


I usually go 2 times a year for 7 nights each. Last year we did 3 trips this year I only plan on 1 trip. My DH told me I need to cut back a tad. :laugh:


Ya know you are so right! It felt AWESOME booking a trip for 9 nights with free DDP for just the 2 of us. I actually can’t wait to leave the NON Disney lovers home! I guess I’m just tired of the smart remarks I get.


Our longest trip was 14 nights, but an average trip is 9 nights. I wish I could do a trip like Dixie. 20 something days. I really don’t think I would get bored.


I like to leave my non Disney people at home also. I would say for me about 1 week with my kids at Disney is plenty for us. As much as we love going to Disney,and we really do, I would say for us about 1 week is plenty of time. Somewhere in the 7-9 nights would be a great time for us. We love getting away, but then we miss home also. I can leave my husban home foe about 3 nights alone with the kids but anything beyond that is to much for him. I stay at home with my kids while he works outside the home so I am used to them and their daily commings and goings. If I took all of my children(which is best for me because he does not care for disney much at all) with me we go and have a blast.


Me too! I love leaving my husband at home. He isn’t into Disney like I am and the last time on 06 he went and couldn’t wait to get home. My oldest is the same way but I do feel bad about leaving her home but I can’t have another trip like the one we had with her when we were taking off on the run way at the airport and she said this sucks I’m board and want to go home! Heck no way! Not again! Besides I gave both kids options this year for their bdays. Parties or vacations and my oldest wanted Great american bash tickets from WWE and to go away for a few days to the shore and my DD7 wanted WDW.


Coming from so far away, we generally do 9 nights/10 days. (althought our flight times don’t often work well for mornings in the parks on departure days either.) Any time we’ve booked 7 days, we ended up calling back to push it up to 10. This year we’re doing 14 - Yay!

If we were able to do more than one trip a year or if we couldn’t (or didn’t want to) all go, I’d likely be happy with 5 - 7 days. Whatever works for you and your family, go with it and have fun!


I totally agree with Mickey Mom. We have three kids 5 and under, and we have to take breaks in the middle of the day and/or get back to the room at a decent time at night or life just isn’t fun, no matter where we are! :laugh: So, I would say our stays are typically around 8-9 nights. We leave as early as humanly possible the first day and take the latest flight we can on departure day.

As for your situation, I would definitely stay as long as you want. You are paying for the airfare, no matter how long you stay. Food isn’t costing anything. Souvenirs are minimal - they don’t tend to add up the longer we stay. The only thing you’d need to worry about is hotel. There are some great deals going on, so I’m sure even that isn’t a huge cost for 1-2 extra nights.

Think about it this way, you are spending this time with your daughter, who, if she is anything like mine, is growing up way too fast. Cherish the time that you have when she actually WANTS to take trips with just you, to a place you both love, to celebrate her birthday. Before long, you will just embarrass her, she’ll sass you all the time, and neither of you will enjoy it. I would love to take a trip with only my oldest, and hopefully, someday I’ll be able to. Go, enjoy yourself, and capture the memories with your darling little girl.