What is your Dream Job at WDW?


I know, I know… it’s been done already. But I changed my mind on my answer, so I wanted to post a new thread so I can hear all about your Dream Jobs, too…

My dream job is to be the “stage manager” for the Lights!, Motor!, Action! show. It’s such a cool job, and when you all come to the show, I could pick your kids to come up and be the show helpers who drive the “remote controlled” car… :biggrin:


I would love to be a Captian/CM that drives the boat from POFQ to DTD. What a nice ride. The captian we had two trips ago was great and seemed to love his job. I think he may have been retired.


I wish I could answer, but I can’t… can I submit my answer in about 60 days…


I think my dream job would be behind the scenes. I always dreamed of being part of the Disney archieve department and organize all those exciting treasures.


I could do anything. Like a street sweeper stopping to give out directions to people.


Well… let’s see. Hmmmm. I can’t pick just one, but here are some of the ones I’d like to try:

Elevator operator in the Hollywood Tower Hotel

Front desk at the Wilderness Lodge, Yacht/Beach clubs or Polynesian

Launch captain taking trips between POR, POFQ and DTD

Ditto between Epcot, Yacht/Beach clubs, Boardwalk and MGM

Flying Dumbo operator (don’t ask)

Lifeguard anywhere, but especially at Stormalong Bay or Polynesian

Monorail operator

Host at the Hall of Presidents or at the Epcot America pavillion show

Host at the Haunted Mansion

The person who “opens” the Magic Kingdom every morning & introduces that day’s special family…


Disney Princess! Oh or the Ambassador of Disneyland. Yeah I know it’s not WDW, but close!


Oh wow what a question. I would LOVE to be the GM of one of the deluxe or moderate resorts. I would also love to be over any division within Disney or parks. When I watched the Disney programs on the History Channel or Travel Channel and different individuals have titles like VP of Imagineering or Resorts and Planning. Thats what I want! If I got that job I’d never leave! :wub:


MK Train Conductor . :smile:


Well the popcorn stand across from the stage in Canada would be nice :wink:

I also love the POFQ boat captain idea. We had a captain one time who was a teacher and said she didn’t need the extra money really, but just LOVED working for Disney.


I’d like to work the front desk at the Contemp or Boardwalk :wub:

and I’d like to drive the monorail (I couldn’t get that one lost, doughnut!)


Wow…that’s a tough one! Ermm…I think I’d like to help Tinkerbell with the firework show:) Weeeeeee


my dream job at disney world is the universe of energy attraction in Epcot.:mickey:


I want to be Mickey’s official food taster. I know it means getting up early and going to bed late but that is the price I’m willing to pay!


That would be so amazing! I would love to do something like that too!

When I was younger I decided that I wanted move in with my Aunt and Uncle, go to college in SoCal and work as Alice in Wonderland in DL. I still think being Alice would be a blast. When we saw her last she was hanging out with Tweedle Dee and Dum, the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts playing charades with the kids. So Alice or one of the Princesses!


I have been thinking for awhile now that I would love to be a Disney travel consulant or Disney travel specialist.
With my 2 recent trips and all that I learned, and the way I love helping others make plans for Disney, I would love to be in this field!
Or even working with WDW travel company.

Or open up my business, travel agency, selling nothing but DISNEY, DISNEY and more DISNEY!!


My dream job would be as a character CM.

Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn on Tom Sawyer’s Island.

Just hanging out in loose clothing shootin’ marbles all day long… :biggrin:


Hahahaha! LOL! Good one, Erin… you’d never be lost!:biggrin:


For me, it would be all about FOOD!

I’d be a baker/counter person at the Main Street bakery.
Or, a pastry chef/sous chef at the GF, working on the wedding cakes and gingerbread houses.
Or, a restaurant manager at one the the WS restaurants in Epcot!


My dream job at WDW would be to fly the WDW executives and or staff members to meetings around the world.:cool: