What is your favorite disney character?


poll By: Minnieme. Discriptition, uhh… A poll


of the ones you listed, mickey is my favorite. He’s not my total favorite, but favorite of those.


Where is Tinkerbell?? She is my favorite.


Pooh is my favorite, but on your list…Mickey. :mickey:


I’m partial to Pluto, but I have a feeling its because that was the name of one of my dogs!


I :heart: Minnie!


Goofy is my favorite.


Mickey Mouse is my favorite.


Goofy is my favorite! :goofy: Although :donald: is climbing up on my list because I like the Gran Fiesta and he has been on my last two annual passes!


Goofy is my fav from your list, however Sleeping Beauty is my all-time fav.


Mickey !!! The logo for me is regonized everywhere… :mickey:


I went for Donald as he makes me laugh- but my real favourite? Stitch!


My favorite on the list is Minnie Mouse–But I love Sleeping Beauty.:happy:


Love Mickey, but Princess Tianna or the Little Mermaid, forget about it. They are my real faves


Ha ha, very cute! My favorite is Jack sparrow :heart:


Out of the ones listed mine is Mickey. Ds’ is also Mickey he likes to watch mickey mouse clubhouse every morning.


okay jack sparrow and stitch. “heart”


I have to go with Minnie; what a woman!


Donald from the list you gave us, but Chip & Dale are my favorite.


Another Chip and Dale here. So I picked my #2 Pluto.