What is your favorite Epcot Resort?


A few Disney, DVC and non-Disney hotels to choose from in the area, where do you stay?


I have always liked the Beach Club or the BC villas! I would love to stay at either place!!


Can’t vote because we’ve never stayed at any of them. BUT, if we were to stay in one, based upon our resort hopping experience last Christmas, I’d have to choose Beach Club. It looked pretty nice!


I don’t know… I have never stayed at any of them :frowning:


I’ll go with Boardwalk.


We have stayed at the Beach Club and Boardwalk Inn and we are going to be at the Yacht Club in a few weeks. But between BC and BWI, we would choose the BWI. But we were at BWI during December and the Christmas decorations made for a special stay, plus we could see the Epcot fireworks from our balcony.


Ha! You guys already know I voted for the Swan! :laugh:


We’ve stayed at three of them, the Boardwalk Villas, Beach Club and Yacht Club. They Yacht Club is our very favorite hotel. We just love the yachting theme.


I’ve stayed at them all over the years. I’d pick the Yacht Club. Love the rooms and the lobby. It would have been the Beach Club, but the changes to the lobby are too much to bear!! Not to mention Storm-A-Long Bay. Boardwalk is great, but I don’t relish the pool, and it seems I always have a long way to walk to my room. I like the Swan and Dolphin too. Attentive staff, great resorts, great rooms too. Yacht Club is my favorite, but I would not hesitate to stay at any of them if the Yacht Club is booked up.


Boardwalk Inn all day!!!


I just love the Boardwalk. It’s a close tie between the Boardwalk Inn and the Boardwalk Villas, but the villas are closer to the action, not to mention, colorful… the villas, of course, feel more “homey.”


We just love the BCV. We could play at Stormalong Bay all day long. Hey SKwak, did I mention that I stayed there once? :happy:


Tough for us. We have stayed at BWV and liked them a great deal. Hence, my vote.

I imagine that BCV are very nice also.


I had the pleasure of staying at the Yatch Club in June during our Disney Store Manager Conference the rooms were roomy, bright and clean. They had a very cute lamp in our room with a natical Mickey. We had a fabulous view. Oh yes I would reccommend it.


We’ve stayed at all but the Dolphin. I chose BWI but I love the BWV too as it’s our home resort.


Voted for BC. Have stayed at both the Y & B, as well as BWI and the Swan. Loved them all, but the light airy feel of the BC, along with Storm-along Bay is just the best.


Gotta go with the cool pool, fool - Beach Club.


We haven’t stayed at any of them yet but I’ve always liked the looks of the Beach Club so that’s my pic’


The Boardwalk in my favorite , favorite WDW hotel by Far!!!1


ooh what a great conference! welcome to mousebuzz!!