What is your favorite Epcot restaurant?


So far mine and my hubbies all time favorite is :wub: La Celliers. But I have one more ADR to decide on and thought maybe I should try somewhere else this trip. So please tell me which is your favorite…


Teppan Edo




I enjoyed the Coral Reef in Future World. I’m anxiously awaiting trying Le Cellier on my upcoming trip though!


Thats a reallllly hard question! EPCOT is one of my favorite parks, probably my favorite. And not to mention, has some of the BEST restaurants in Disney. I think if I had to pick it’d be Biergarten in Germany. It’s soooo yummy! Also, San Angel Inn in Mexico!


I am glad you started this thread. When we go down in June, I would like to eat @ Le Cellier. I have tried the Japanese place, it was ok. Rose and Crown was ok. It will be interesting reading other people’s opinions.


We had the chance to try the French place this last trip and that was really very very good. Our worst place last trip, I am sad to say was our own Rose and Crown, the meal was dreadful- most disappointing- but Le Cellier is the all time favourite just hard to get a ressie there.


I know this is silly with all the choices in the World showcase, but me and DD LOVE Sunshine seasons in the Land.


Chefs de France.


My favorite was the restaurant at the Japanese pavilion, I know it changed names to Teppan Edo. It will be on the ‘to do’ list the next we get to Epcot so we can try it out.


We have good luck with almost all of the resturants in Epcot. The only one we did not enjoy was Restaurant Marrakesh.


Mexico San angle inn. yummy food great margaritas . we have adrs there next trip for dh birthday his pick.


We enjoy San Angel in Mexico and the Garden Grill.


Chefs de France!!!

Biergarten is a sentimental fave, but Chefs de France was magnifique!


Our personal favorites are Garden Grill and Le Cellier.


Chefs de France is to die for!!!


We really enjoyed Teppan Edo. Le Cellier was good, but not what everyone had hyped it up to be. We got a better steak at California Grill.


Definitely San Angel at the Mexican pavillion!


We love LeCellier, also like Chefs De France, San angel Inn and Tim likes Rose and Crown… i think it is the . Also enjoy the Garden Grill.


We enjoy eating at Teppon Edo–although we were slightly dissappointed this trip in it. We also enjoy San Angel in the Mexico pavillion. Rose and Crown was pretty good a few trips ago too. Last trip we just enjoyed the fish and chips stand there. Some friends of our really love Biergarten too. There are so many great places to choose from. We always walk to Beaches and Cream at BC at least once for a meal because we love their burgers and icre cream.