What is your favorite Epcot ride


mine is Test Track and Soarin.


Good question Jeany. I love TT, but if pressed to pick, it would come down between Soarin’ and Maelstrom, and I think Soarin’ would get the edge in the end.

Of course I love the originals, so SE is also up there among my favorites.


Soarin and test track! It’s so fun!


Hmmmmm tough one for me but I’d have to say… Spaceship Earth. :pinch:
I think its because it brings back so many good memories for me. A strong second would have to be Test Track.


I have to agree. I love Test Track but my heart and memories belong to Spaceship Earth. There is nothing like smelling the fall of Rome.


Mission Space…no, Spaceship Earth…no, wait, Soarin’…I can’t decide!


Test Track Hands Down. We were on the monorail, heading to Epcot and the woman sitting across from us was discussing with her partner how bad and “lame” Test Track was. I suddenly felt my Husband place his hand on my knee, as if to try to calm me down before any words came out of my mouth to her! Some people are just lost!!!


I’d have to say Test Track with Soarin’ a close second!


It has to now be Soarin’. Test Track is a close second but we also like Living with the Land and Universe of Energy.


OH boy…It’s between Soarin’ and Maelstrom…I really can’t choose.


Test Track and Spaceship Earth are tied too close for me to pick. I like the little burst of excitement on TT, but there’s always something thrilling about riding in “the big golf ball.” :tongue:


Soarin and Spaceship earth


Mission Space


SE but I haven’t been there in 6 years so M:S and Soarin could be my new favs.


Soarin’ - hands down. I love that ride.

Maelstrom is up there though…I love that one, too.


Soarin’ — no question. It’s probably my favorite ride in all of WDW.


Hmmm… That’s a hard one. I’d have to say the dinosaur ride at the Universe of Energy. But not the current one. The one waaaay back in the day when EPCOT first opened. It was AMAZING!


Mine is : Maelstrom
DH is: Test track

Mexico is a fun way to relax too!


mine is soarin’ and test track and coming soon is Nemo’s undersea adventure.


I agree jedi…before they put Ellen in it… <ducks to avoid blows from all the Ellen fans>