What is your favorite Nighttime Entertainment


Mine is Fantasmic in disney studios.


Wishes! It brought a tear(or more) to my eye…:wink: :heart:


hands down, mine is fantasmic!


Fantasmic All the Way!!! I love it!`


I love Fantasmic because it is a great show. And i wish that Fantasmic will be update to Fantasmic 2.0:mickey:


Hands down, Fantasmic! LOVE it!


I love Fantasmic too, but can’t we all agree that it needs an update? I mean, as much as I love Pocahontas, and I really do, it’s one of my favorite animated features, Fantasmic opened when Pocahantas was released back in the mid 90’s :wacko:

In spite of it’s dated quality, it still does get me everytime.

My vote though, for favorite nighttime entertainment is Spectromagic.


Hey, the Fantasmic at DL has a Peter Pan segment…do you think we need to update that?? :wink: :laugh:

I definitely voted Fantasmic. I like it better at DL, but it’s still my nighttime must-do at WDW too. I have only seen Illuminations once (and loved it), so I don’t have as much to go off of there…it was 6 years ago that I saw it. :wacko: And I’ve never seen Wishes! :rolleyes:

So I guess my vote was a no-brainer. LOL.


I voted :wub: “Wishes” :wub:


My vote is for Illuminations. Haven’t seen Fantasmic… yet


I’m not sure about the rest of my family but if I could only watch one nighttime entertainment it would be Fantasmic.


It’s gotta be Fantasmic for me too. It was tough to choose though. Fantasmic is just all encompassing.


Ah, that explains it. I did not know that.

I would vote for Spectro as well but I chose Wishes in this case.


Um…Adventurer’s Club and Jellyrolls tie…but in this case I voted Fantasmic.


I have never seen Fantasmic every time we say we are going to stay we end up looking at the line and leaving. This year I booked the package so let’s just hope it does not rain. For now I voted for Wishes


It wouldn’t be an update. That’s the original show. The reason they do Pocahantas is because they don’t have the Columbia and the moat in the Hollywood Hills Amphi won’t accomodate anything that size. It’s bad enough they have that lame replica Mark Twain.


That is really hard. Fantasmic is probably my favorite show, but Wishes is so magic and I LOVE:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: the music! I bought the soundtrack for it.:happy: I say its a tie.:happy:


I don’t know if that is a good idea. Watch what you wish for, because how would it be if Fantasmic was run by Stitch? Or someone like that. just imagine that little blue guy on top of the mountain trying to kill the dragon, in the wizard hat and robe. Scary and funny at the same time.:huh: :huh: :ohmy:


I voted Fantasmic, cause its the longest. :stuck_out_tongue:


Will always be Illuminations for me. The crescendo to the music (which my family have on repeat with our car:laugh:) along with the fireworks gives me goose bumps every time.

The panoramic views of the world showcase as a back drop with their synchronised twinkling lights is truly something to behold. Thank you to Soundgod for sharing his footage thus allowing our family to have a part of this unforgettable experience in our home.