What is your favorite Pin?


mine, I say mine but is my son’s…has to be the “Rocketeer” pin. Mainly because I LOVED that movie as a teen and it looks cool.


i like the dnsshp pins because they are only sold on halloween


I have lots of favorites but I really love the ones commemorating EPCOT’s 25th anniversary b/c they bring back some retro memories.


I love any and all toy story pins. My ultimate favorite is any ts pig pins


My favorite is also my first. I received it from my kids for Father’s Day a few years back.


I like this one. I just got it for my wife as a stocking stuffer. She loves C&D.:mickey:

oops. Didn’t realize that linking to an auction was a no-no.:redface:

Anyways I got the Mickey embracing C&D pin.


My favorite- and only!- pin is one of the Berm Plaque from Disneyland.

Oh- I’ve also got two pins from the Dream Squad on a lanyard… so I guess those are my second and third favorites!


My favorite pin is a Mickey and Minne wedding pin that my DH brought me during our Honeymoon.


i like the villains - they are kinda greenish - there is a whole collection of them. we are trying to get all of them.