What is your favorite ride?


I have this conversation almost all the time with my kids. One can’t decide… she likes something in every park… The other likes the indy speedway and test track. My favorite is the monorail… no particular color, but I do miss sitting up front.


C’mon, they couldn’t be more wrong!!! IT IS TOWER OF TERROR!!! Gosh, educate those kids! LOL


They are still little… It is hard to choose one.


Okay, then, my daughter say “Dumbo” for sure.


Her Majesty, almost 3, who maintains a royal reserve with most people, will announce to ANYONE, out of the blue, “Small World is my favorite ride!” (Also: “I have to grow 4 inches to go on Splash Mountain.”)

For me, it’s Splash Mountain. DS10: Test Track. DH: refuses to commit.


Haunted Mansion


Definetly a tie between Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion! I love them both!


It is hard to choose since I like all of them. I think I am going to pick Toy Story Mania as my favorite. It is so much fun! It stinks that the line is always sooooooo long!


I can’t begin to choose one attraction. I have a favorite in every park. And I have a favorite in every land in MK.

I do enjoy the monorail though. And the People Mover…


My favorite ride for theme and Disney feel is Splash Mountain. My favorite thrill ride is Tower of Terror!


DH would be Philharmagic, DD would be Dumbo!

Also, fnatasmic is the best show, love it more than the fireworks at the castle!


The ride down to WDW. All the excitment and anticipation of getting to the Magic.:happy:


My favorite ride hands-down is Rockin’Rollercoaster. EE comes in second place…tower or Terror is tied with EE.

As for DD, she will tell you that her favorite ride is EE.


Me- Tower of Terror

Daughter- Aladdins Magic Carpets she likes when the camel spits on you (go figure :wub: )


Completely agree!!!


Me: Tower of Terror
DH: Rock N Roller Coaster
DD8: Rock N Roller Coaster
DD5: Big Thunder Mountain


For me, its…Sorin


Oh my goodness…this is much, much too hard!!

But - hands down - it has to be Spaceship Earth. Like some people have to see the Castle first - I have to ride Spaceship Earth. I don’t feel like I’ve arrived until I’ve ridden in The Big Ball. Just love it!


My favorite for years was Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster. I must be getting old because now it’s Soarin’!

Still love RNRC but it gives me kind of a headache these days instead of just thrills.

There are many others I’ll never get tired of riding, now matter how many times we go. Basically everything.


It is a hard question, I think. We took my cousin last year for her first visit. And she loved the thrill rides, but she said that she liked everything there also. I told her when we started our trip that we would ride every ride at least once, and some more than once. We were there 8 days, so we got our share… but she liked everything too…