What is your favorite thing to do when the parks are too full?


Just curious - gathering ideas in case MK is too crazy for us the 1st day. I think I know what we’ll do, but I’d love to hear any new ideas (you know, besides, hang out at resort/pool, etc). What is something fun that may not be on everyone’s radar to do?


When we need a little break from the busyness, we hop on a boat from the Contemporary to Ft. Wilderness and see the horses.


What about SeaWorld? My kids LOVE going there.


Another vote for Fort Wilderness - there is lots to see and do there! Canoe rentals, bike rentals, strolling around the Settlement/Marina area…

I spent a day at the Grand Floridian with my mom and grandma. We had the Afternoon Tea and then wandered around the gardens outside. One of the best Disney days I’ve had yet!

I tried the mini golf courses for the first time - lots of fun! They assign you a tee time (depending on how busy it is) so you have some space between you and the groups around you. I went to Winter Summerland around Christmas and it was busy, but we never felt rushed - we didn’t catch up to the group in front of us and the group behind us was never waiting for us to finish.


Stroll the Boardwalk
Take Pictures
Do a “Special” Pirates and Princesess or behind the scenes tour and stuff like that


if parks are too busy and we don’t fancy a water park for instance ( which would probably be the 1st choice) we would normally take a peak at lots of the other Disney resort hotels. We went to the Swan and Dolphin last time and had a drink there and then went to Fantasia gardens for Mini golf. We also make a point of going to WL and the Poly every trip and hang out there for a while.


If you want to stay in MK,

Ride Tomorrowland Transportation Authority (blue line tram)
Visit Hall of Presidents
Ride the Liberty Belle Riverboat
Watch the Country Bear Jamboree
Wait for a good parade spot
Eat at Columbia Harbour House
Check out all of the specialty shops
Explore Tom Sawyer’s Island


I take out a Sea Raycer on Seven Seas Lagoon for about 45 minutes.

Another vote for mini golf, or even the 9 hole short course (I think the waterparks and more option gives you that choice).
The two courses at Winter/Summerland are easier than the Fantasia courses.


Resort Hop, visit the Boardwalk area or DTD. There’s always Premier Outlet too. If it’s mid trip then I use that time to catch up on laundry :rolleyes:


OOH! I did want to go to the disney outlet, so that is an option - then we can find a grocery too.

I think Boardwalk area may be on our list.

Have any of you done the cane pole fishing thing at FW? DH would love that…


The parks are never to full to shop…looking at all the merchandise is half the fun for me and my DD.


Does anyone here play golf?


Never played real golf.
Only pitch and putt and mini.
Some year perhaps.
Such a shame considering all the times we had deluxe plans that included all the golf you’d want.


My dad golfs. He has played at Osprey Ridge, Magnolia, and Palm courses. He used to take golfing trips to Central Florida every year with his friends. That was when we owned a condo there… now they just stay at our house and golf locally. :laugh:


"What is your favorite thing to do when the parks are too full? "

leave ._.

and if we’re staying at a resort, we’ll just go back there and hang out by the pool…

or go resort hopping…


Keep Calm
Carry on!


Looks like we all do alot of the same activities! We hire a boat on the Seven Seas Lagoon too, and go to Winter Summerland for mini golf. We also visit all the gorgeous resorts like Boardwalk, GF and the Poly and then of course our very very favourite activity- shopping in the malls woo hoo!