What is your First Ride of the Day?


We usually have a couple that we do for our First. The Very First Ride when we get to the park is a toss up - sometimes Pirates, sometimes Peter Pan, sometimes Space Mtn. Pirates because it gets you in the mood for your Disney vacation! Peter Pan because it is just fabulous and a family fave, plus if you dont’ beat that line, it is a killer! Space Mtn. because it is fun and will certainly wake you up in the morning! Usually these three (with Dumbo thrown in, too) will be the first so we can make sure to get them in before the lines get crazy.


The first good one we ride we see when we walk in depending on the lines

(My 12yoDS just wrote that!) and now we can’t agree, so I’m leaving it at that…


Buzz Lightyear.

It’s all part of my Master Touring Plan. :happy:


our first ride is based on when we get there
Epcot- we always do the spaceship earth
MK- we always do Jungle cruise (because we always head to the left)
AK- Duh… its the Yeti all the way!
HS- RnR!!


[QUOTE=Andrea;858397]Buzz Lightyear.

It’s all part of my Master Touring Plan. :happy:[/QUOTE]

Buzz is a good one…those in our group who do not appreciate hurling through dark space go to Buzz for their first.



Hit it at rope drop and you can ride it twice without wait. 15 minutes after FantasyLand opens, and the line will be at close to 20 minutes.


I thinlk this year it will be the HM b/c it was down last year.


For us this year at DHS it will be Toy Story Mania because it’s new. Epcot it’s Test Track, MK it’s Pirates, and AK either Dinosaur or EE


Our very first ride in Disneyland Park is either Nemo (to avoid the crazyness it attracts later in the day), Indiana Jones, or Matterhorn. We usually try to get the “big stuff” out of the way first so we can feel relaxed for the majority of the day.


The first ride is Jungle Cruise, because it’s on the way to Pirates :biggrin:


MK - Pirates
AK - Safari
Epcot - Soarin


[QUOTE=mickeymotto;858482]MK - Pirates
AK - Safari
Epcot - Soarin

This is in the Disneyland forums. :tongue:


MK - Buzz Lightyear
EP - Soarin
HS - will be Toy Story Mania, was RnR
AK - Safari or EE


I love hitting the space mountain because that gets a serious line in the middle of the day. I usually leave pirates till later in the day because its air conditioned so even if there is a line it’s ok because i am cooling off from all the hard walking I did during the day.


MK - Aladins Magic Carpet Ride (I know, sounds goofy, but love the carpet going to the top and seeing a lot of MK
AK - Safari
Epcot - Test Track
DS - Nothing really stands out as special to us at this park, so its really who’s in the mood for what


Dang, she didn’t specify :tongue:


MK- Its Dumbo all the way for the kids


In DL it’s Space Mountain or the Matterhorn. :wub:

In DCA, Tower of Terror, baby! :ph34r: :cool: :ph34r: :cool:


Here is what we like to do:

MK: Dumbo (only if we got there at opening)
EPCOT: Soarin’
HS: My kiddos love RnRC
AK: Again, my kiddos love EE


MK ~ DD’s love either Dumbo or Alladin’s Magic Carpets.

Epcot ~ Soarin’

Animal Kingdom ~ Kali River Rapids