What is your most embarrassing Disney moment?


When My DW wanted me to wear ears?


Good question but for the life of me I can’t think of a single thing my dk’s or me has done. I will be going through my memory to think of something now.


Well I would have liked to have seen you from the front- you have a very well shaped head Sir and the ears look great on you!


Most embarrassing moment is when I flipped out at the MK on some woman for moving my DD’s stroller…I mean lost it flipped out…:blush:


lol thats funny…and I know what you mean…I flipped out on my DS while waiting in line to ride Buzz because he was acting like a spoiled brat. It was well after midnight on our last night, so everyone was tired and cranky that we were leaving in the morning. I can’t remember what he did exactly nor do I remember what I said…I do remember getting out of line and stomping away with him and the looks of people behind us.
I look back now and just laugh but at the time I was really embarrassed for both of us.


probably when we were eating dinner and watching Illuminations in Mexico, and after a few rita’s I wanted to sit to eat but someone had taken all the chairs and left the tables. Sooo, I grabbed the only chair left, which was a High Chair. All was fine till after the show when I couldn’t get up…the chair was stuck. When I tried to stand the chair was still attached to my butt till DH had to wedge it off. :blush: Of course before he did he made sure to take a pic. If I can find it i’ll try to post.


That is funny!! I wanna see that pic!!:laugh:


when nina took her diaper off on the pooh playground and spread a little “pooh” all over. i died…


I can’t decide between my son’s meltdown in MK after too much stimulation, or my meltdown at Typhoon Lagoon followed by a pouting session on the beach chair while DH took the kids on the attractions while I cooled down. Probably the latter. Here’s hoping I’ve matured since then…Sheesh…


I will try to dig more ear photos out.


That would have been a great you tube!


When my then 3 year old Madison was sitting on DHs shoulders watching Specto and seen Mickey for the first time. She was so excited she pee d all down daddys back. Lets just say the bus ride back wasnt the best.


We were at DTD browsing around at Once Upon a Toy and they had all these special things set up for kids to participate in including a life-size Jenga made out of cardboard blocks. I stopped to look at something and my DH continued to walk ahead of me through the store. He got about 10 to 15 feet ahead of me and was paying absolutely no attention to where he was going. He walked right into the Jenga knocking the whole thing over and as he is trying to pick it up he is so embarassed that he is knocking down the few pieces he some how missed. Everyone was staring at him and the good wife I am watched the whole thing from afar acting like I was not with him. Finally, the CM told him not to worry about it that she would clean it up. I am also the nice wife that reminds him about it every time we go into that store.


Hope it was summer so it could be passed off as sweat. :laugh:


I brought an expired credit card with me and tried to use it. Very embarrassing.


The time I pulled the 2000 piece off the Snowglobe @ Mousegears in Epcot would be mine.


So many memories, so little shame. I have nothing to add here.


Oh… easy… when we went to Bluezoo on New Year’s Eve wearing pants and sweaters and everyone else was in cocktail attire!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :blush: