What is your shortest planned trip?


I was just at MK for a day a few weeks ago but I want more! I was daydreaming about up and going (not really gonna happen). :sad:

Then I was wondering how quick anyone has planned a trip? I guess I would be most interested in the ones who have to fly. I know those of you who live in FL and up and go more easily. Anyone paid crazy airfare just to go? Does Orlando even have any last minute deals through any airline?

It is fun to dream…if I could just drop everything…


Ummm, well I just bought plane tickets yesterday for an “on the whim” suprise trip in 20 days. We are only staying 3 nights. I got a REALLY good price on plane tickets so I couldn’t really pass it up!


Wish, you’re the ultimate! I wish I could do that. I keep telling my husband that one day I’m just going to drive to JFK and grab the next standby flight to MCO and spend the night at WDW w/my daughter, just to get a quick fix!

Sorry JK8, I don’t have any really great last minute stories. Though about 6 years ago DH and I planned a WDW trip on the Tuesday before memorial day weekend and hopped a flight that Friday nite. We ended up staying off property, but for a quicky cheap fix, it fit the bill by far!


The most last minute trip I planned was 8 months out…lol If only I could do something like that. llama just got done doing a last mintue trip. I am sure she can add to this thread…oh llama…where are you?


I called last week and booked a trip. We were at 24 days (I think) when I booked it. The airfare wasn’t bad and we will be staying 5 nights, our shortest trip yet. And jk8, I live in Indiana too! :mickey:


Off subject topic please excuse me: pal, I love that avatar.


That’s so cool PalMickey! Have a blast for me! :tongue:


I live in Florida so it is rather easy for me to get to Disney, But for you others that have to travel, try these websites for last minute deals: site59, travelzoo, sidestep, lastminutetravel, cheaptickets, skyauction, vacationstogo, priceline, hotwire. I think jetblue just started flying more southern routes, so they may have some good deals, as well as southwest dings and airtran. There are many good deals out there, ya just have to dig.

flyertalk is a web community who can alert you to good deals also.


In a way I envy you guys from Indiana getting ready to go to WDW. We live in Florida and in a week we will be going back to Indiana for the summer. We will be going through Mickey withdrawl for the next 5 months. Have fun and enjoy the magic. :wub: :wub:


In 2003, my boyfriend and I booked ourselves a last minute trip to WDW 6 days before - I felt so adventurous!


I suppose that Downtown Disney doesn’t count. This winter my Mom and I booked tickets and hotel for Disneyland on Christmas, we went on New Years Day.


I’m sure it does! :tongue:

Actually, I was lucky living in Southern California, it was only a short drive. I admire those who grab airfare and fly down on a whim! :ninja:


Well in THAT case, we’ll often go to DD for lunch when we are in Southern California (which is quite often because we all grew up there before relocating to Colorado). Over Spring Break we were down in DD and almost bought a one day ticket, but ended up spending that much in the giant Disney Emporium.


I decided on or about Dec. 14 to go up to WDW for New Year’s for an overnight. When I found out I would have to board the dog till Monday anyway, I added a second night (Jan. 1) on Dec. 28. OK, I live three hours away, so I don’t have to figure out transportation. But there have been times that airfare was cheap enough to allow us to fly up to Tampa and Busch Gardens for a day, and then to Atlanta and Six Flags for a day, both times catching a flight home at about 8 PM. We drove up for a day on Jan 28 for the Everest preview and took the dog to the Epcot kennel. We were back home by 2 AM.


DD and I did the unthinkable in March. We planned a trip in 6 days. And we’re talking Canada, here. We started out just fooling around, wishing we could go. Within 24 hours we’d booked our resort (SSR) because our DVC points had just come through, we booked our plane (also points) and we had AP’s. I mean - it was like - for free! We had to go. It was one of the best trips we’ve had. Mother/Daughter bonding. I’m going to do it someday with DD2 - just the same way.


Pooh, I’d totally come with you!!! LOL…just pick me up on the way!!! :cool:


I’ll be there in December, but we are only going for gasp 6 DAYS!!! This will be our shortest trip to date. :frown: We can’t go for longer because DH has TWO full time jobs and he can’t get off anymore on job #2 since we are already going to the Atlantis in 23 days for 9 days!!!


My friend (BaaBee9 she’s my ultimate going to Disney) and I once went for a day trip. We left at the butt crack of dawn :noo: (a little past the butt crack) and got there around noonish. We spent the entire day at Magic Kingdom and had a blast. Stayed for the 10:00 fireworks, got gas, changed into comfy cloths and drove home.

We were way tired at that point from being in the sun all day so we had the radio blasting (to keep us awake), and I do mean blasting the entire time. Then half way home and at 2:00 we got pulled over by the police. :eek: We said it was because she was able to hear our loud music, with the windows up, and driving at about 85 MPH. Oh yeah and we were singing horribly and loud. It was probably the driving at 85 MPH that did it but alas we will always have our other theory. :nonono2: But I didn’t get a ticket. I think she was a Disney fan and was excited for us and didn’t want to ruin our day trip. :wub:

We got to our respective houses around 3:00 AM and have been planning Disney Trips ever since.

I LOVE DISNEY, and I LOVE THIS SITE :smile: :mickey:


Our first trip to WDW we planned about 20 days out, airfare included. We were looking at ski trips (it was January) but neither one of us had ever been on skis! We opted for WDW instead!


Thanks Dana!

Thanks! I plan on having one big blast - I am so excited about this trip and I don’t know why other than I get to be at my most favorite place in the world on my birthday!

Thanks! What part of Indiana are you going to?