What job wouldn't you want at WDW?


I was thinking this morning about the jobs I would like to have at WDW when I thought what jobs wouldn’t I want to have instead and the one I came up with was the CM that has to tell the CM’s at the gate that the park is at capacity and no one else can come in. Can you imagine the looks on people’s faces when they are told they can’t enter and what if it was their first time visiting. I know MB’ers have probably seen it or happened to them and what was that like? Ok, what is the job you wouldn’t want?


I wouldn’t want to clean the bathrooms!! EWWWWW!!!


I don’t want to scrub any toilets. :blow:


Janitorial services!

On the other hand, I can easily see myself in transport (I already have a Class B license) and even more easily in entertainment either as an audio person or a production supervisor.


No bus driving for me!


The bakery at MK. I’d eat way tooo much and man that place gets crazy busy!!!


hmmmm, I can’t think of anything that I’d want to do less than janitorial.


Janitorial… NO WAY!!!:nonono2:


I think i would have to say I wouldn’t want to do any food service jobs…


janitorial or food service


I would never want to do any food service, it just seems like such a constant busy rush. Plus, I feel like food service CMs seem to have the most unattractive costumes of all.


Hey, i was QSFB. :laugh: Sure, I only liked one of my many costumes around the MK, and you are kept quite busy, but its still better than custodial. QSFB at Disney is still way better than any McDonalds, imo. Plus, the busier you are, the faster time flies! Yeehaw!

Next to Custodial and cleaning toilets, I would NOT want to work at HM or ToT. I think spending the whole day being creepy, days upon weeks upon months, would just bother me, make me feel batty. Weird, huh?


Uhhm, I wouldn’t like custodial in the parks (I can’t clean protein spills…) but they do get to make some pretty cool magic! (water mickeys!) And they make the parks as beautiful as they are! Mousekeeping wouldn’t be too bad. I’m not big on backstage roles! Quick service wouldn’t seem ideal! But who knows!


I definitely wouldn’t want to work janitorial. I think anything else would be fine with me.


I don’t like cleaning the bathrooms in my house, so I know I wouldn’t want to do it in Disney either…but…it’s a dirty job, and somebody has to do it.


I wouldn’t want to listen to guest complaints. Too many angry people who expect Disney to compensate them. :pinch:


janitorial, parking cars, taking parking money, ticketbooth, and other jobs like that



Having to taze Boss on one of his many naked runs through the Epcot fountain. :eek: :blow: :laugh:


I agree with this one, although I like guest services/relations. I’d just want to be like … LISTEN LADY, I’M SORRY YOU WAITED 40 MINS FOR SPACE MOUNTAIN. YOURE IN WDW, JUST ENJOY IT!!! :closedeye




Having to taze Boss on one of his many naked runs through the Epcot fountain. :eek: :blow: :laugh:[/QUOTE]

Don’t forget having to sanitize the fountain after that … Oh wait , that’s part of the janitoral department too !!! :eek: