What kind of clothes do I bring for february?


My february trip is quickly approaching and I’m starting to think about what I’m going to need to bring. :blush:

I’ve never been to WDW in February so I have no idea about the weather and what kind of clothes to pack. :blink:

Please help!!


I have been there the first week of February. I found it best to pack clothes that you can layer. It’s cooler in the mornings and evening and you may need a light jacket or sweatshirt…in the day time, it can get warm enough to only need a Tshirt… I would pack a layered owfit for every day and throw in a few pairs of shorts just in case. I had many cotton “lounge” type owfits that had jackets. I wore a Tshirt under the jacket and tied the jacket around my waist when it warmed up…perfect.


Thanks Dana!!! Do you think I’d be ok bringing all shorts or should I lean more toward capri’s? What’s the average high?


You are welcome. I would stick with capris. The weather is tricky that time of the year…day could start off at 50 and end up at 80…you can’t tell and it varies. stick to capris and layers…honestly you won’t be over heated in them even if you manage to see 80 degrees one day.


Yep, we’ve had weird weather, we haven’t really gotten the cool weather that is great this time of year! It starts off cool, but it back up to high 80s by the end of the day! Layering is your best bet . . . I went last Feb with my family visiting from England, and cuz they came from a cooler climate they LOVED it and were wearing shorts even though it was only low 70s (cold for us Floridians, well me anyway! :happy: ) so capris will be perfect! Even light cotton pants or light weight jeans!


Simple. Everything. Consider your suitcase to be like Noah’s Ark - bring 2 of each kind. :mellow:


I agree, it’s hit or miss in February. Last year we went down the last two weeks and it was freezing cold and I’m from NE so that’s cold. In years past 80-85 nice weather. Hope its going to be a warm one, we’re leaving the second week…


I agree with Dana… for us, February has been chilly enough for a fleece sweatshirt, and warm enough to sweat by the pool!


We’re packing everything from capris and shorts to heavy sweatshirts and hats and gloves. We’ve had all kind of weather in Jan/Feb.

We’ll be there for 10 days, so for each of us, I’m packing 5 warm weather outfits and 5 cold weather outfits…I have no problem visiting the laundry while we’re there…most days, I’m sure we’ll start out with jeans and layered tops and we’ll just peel away as the day goes by. Hopefully, as it usually goes, the more prepared for cooler weather we are, the warmer it will be. Last January, out lowest temp was 60!


Just do what my girls apparently do every vacation–bring them all! :laugh:


Or only bring a couple of basics and then shop for all the rest!!! :laugh: $$$$$$$$$$$$$…


If it’s high 70’s low 80’s we’ll all be in shorts since up here it is in the 30’s and 40’s (if we’re lucky) so we think that is hot and will probably be swimming!! :laugh:


Typically the weather is in the low 70’s during the day and at night in the 50’s. It can get pretty chilly. We just had a cold snap here last week. It was 29 degrees. I pitty the WDW’s that were at the park on those days this month. I would definitely rent a locker and bring lots of extra stuff. It is no fun being to hot or to cold.


Yup like everyone else said the weather can go either way. Once it was so cold we had our winter jackets and hats and gloves on, but it can be so warm we need shorts.


This is good info to have…thanks everyone!

Melissa, I noticed that you are going to WDW in February and staying at All-Star Music, and then going back in September and staying at AKL?? That is crazy because DH and I are trying to plan the exact same thing! :laugh: Same resorts and everything! February is for sure but we’re still up in the air on September. Kind of a cool coincidence though. :happy:


That’s too funny!!! We must have good taste!! So maybe we will run into each other twice!!! ASMu isn’t too big so I’m sure we’ve got to run into each other one of the days while we are there!! :laugh: It’s just me and my DD and my best friend and her DD. So if you see two women who are pushing along strollers side by side (and hopefully we’ll still have some hair left!! :laugh: ) it’s probably us!!! :laugh: :laugh:

And Kim–I saw your thread for the views for AKL and we are actually booked with a standard view too to save the money!! :laugh: Great minds think alike!


:laugh: That is too neat - great minds really do think alike!!

I’m sure we will certainly see you at ASMu at some point…you can kinda tell what I look like from my avatar…plus I’m short…5’3" and DH is 6’2"! :laugh: So we kinda stand out in that regard!


Hey that’s not too short!! I’m only 5’4 and my bf is 5’2…we’re both round (:laugh: ) her DD is a BIG girl and my DD, well I should probably just change my avatar back to her!! or find one of her and I. I think I may have one from IASW.