What kind of planner are you?


I have been reading so much this weekend and have been amused by the different types of planners. It’s cool to see how everyone gets ready for a trip and I love hearing about it. So what kind of planner are you?

I am super Type-A, but flexible when I get there


Well based on my first WDW vacation, we had lots planned out–parks and meals, but once we arrived, it was thrown out the window. Now I just tend to wing it when I go on my day trips. Every once in a while I make an ADR, but it’s always the same day.

I did however make a reservation for our MNSSHP dinner at Ohana. Because I knew it would be packed otherwise.


I am type A … I would have chosen Plans? Are you kidding me? I play bus roulette and eat counter service. But very very often we get walk ups to CP, Chef Mickey, ect. I remember in Dec. I stopped at City Hall to get seats for CP and they said there were none available …but then when we stopped in at CP we got seated in less then 15 minutes. lol every day is a surprise as to where we will go …and then where we could end up!!


I think I’m more like you, Dana. I like to have everything planned out before we leave. Then once we get there we can change things up but we will always have the back up plan so we’re not stuck without anything to do or eat.


We have a planning party and DD’s do all the leg work. We all just go with the flow once we get there.


We plan every day, and every ADR, but we are flexible when we get there. For instance, my trip was supposed to be completely different than it ended up being, but it was still great.

It’s good to be flexible, but, without a plan, we would of wasted alot of time…


Type A, plan B. Much like you Dana.
I like having a plan before hand so I don’t waste time getting around. But should something come up unexpectedly, no problem for me to change things around.


Ditto…that is what we do, too.


I honestly only make ADRs and book any “extras” like “Lunch with an Imagineer,” etc. We never plan where we are going which day, or anything like that. We only plan the necessities.


I make plans for ADRs only. Never parks. And I’m known for completely skipping some of the ADRs and going somewhere else. I’ve also skipped entire days at parks and ADRs to hang out around town (off property) and shop, eat, etc.

I think I’d shoot anybody with me who tried to plan everything out.


Plan everything obsessively… but any changes of plans once we’re there are no problem!


We don’t plan a thing. Like waking up in the morning and asking “what do we feel like seeing today?” Although, seeing we got free dining this last trip, I was afraid of not getting into any dining, so made 4 ADRs. Made 2 of the 4, which I guess is good for us!


I like to tentatively plan which park I will go to and where I am going to eat. However, I learned quickly with my 3 year old dd that it is almost impossible to plan ahead. If she gets overly tired, there goes my adr.


I’m type A beforehand…but that’s only to get rid of the pre-trip crazies! I usually have every day planned out, ride for ride…but when I get there, I find out that it’s nice to just relax and it doesn’t matter if I follow my schedule or not.


Looks like there are a lot of planners here. Me, too. I have all ADRs made, parks planned, and a general order of rides planned out. But on our last trip, we did change about 3 dining plans. I made sure I could get what we wanted before I cancelled out what we already had. You gotta have some kind of plan to sart out with.


There were 2 type A’s so I got confused! :confused:

I picked ADR’s and Parks planned but can be changed when I get there. I like to have each day planned but last year it rained so I changed things up a bit and even went back to Epcot 1 evening to get some more Epcot fun time in!


I am definitely a Type A, but once we are there, I am flexible and go with the flow if things change. I can’t imagine going without our ADR’s made and knowing which park we will start at each day.


Planning??? hahaha who acually PLANS WDW trips?? My last trip was booked exactly 12 hours before we got on the plane :happy: – courtesty of lastminutetravel.com. Of course this was a spring break trip for college girls, and we were traveling with no kids, but I have to say it was fun not having any reservations or restrictions on our time!


That’s us to a tee. We’re on vacation and don’t want any stress as to having to be at a curtain place at a curtain time. That would drive me nuts. We love to be spontaneous.


As the kids got older, I loosened up on the planning. We have been so often, that we just buy hopper passes and we roam around a tthe park the ADRs are at. We hit everyone’s favorite attractions, munch, and people-watch till it’s time to go to the pool. We also try to hit anything that is new since our last trip…