What kind of souvenirs do you buy?


With Disney being full of gift shops I was wondering what kind of souvenirs find their way home with you. I’ve seen lots of people with those Mickey yellow, red and black bags. What’s in your bag???


I usually buy just license plates and pins.


We get postcards, nicknacks, I got these really cool pirate ones last time. We get candy to take to all of our relatives that didn’t get to come along. The girls usually get some kind of jewelry, earings or necklaces. We always get Tshirts.


I always buy Mickey beanies…all the darn different kinds you can buy! :laugh: I’ve got soooo many of them! It started with one back in 2000 at Epcot…this Mickey beanie wearing a MMC shirt, I just thought it was too cute. The CM told me it was part of a set of 6! :eek: So naturally I had to have them all! And it just went downhill from there! :laugh:


Mouse ears. I buy new ones every trip. I wear the old ones on the trip down and we do a formal retirement/dedication ceremony.

J/K. I do buy new ones each time, though.


One of my biggest was a large Winnie the Pooh stuffy that had a bell in the honey pot. I was 13, and bought it for my (then) 3 yr old brother. Paid $40 for the thing.:eek: It was worth it though, he still has it sitting on his dresser and doesn’t like for anyone to touch it.

My regulars are snow globes. Gah, I’m so lame.:ph34r:


Postcards and pins baby!!


What? No tweezers?:tongue:


:laugh: :laugh:
You’ll never live it down.

I wonder if they make Disney tweezers. :huh: With a little Mickey head at the connecting end or something…


Haha! If he didn’t want me to give him a hard time, he wouldn’t have told us. I’m just sayin’.:whistling


What would I need tweezers for? I pay people to do that type of thing for me. :laugh:


Don’t you get some regrowth during a long vacation?:huh:


Pins, coffee mugs, kitchen stuff like a thing to make Mickey pancakes and eggs, I’m really into the dangle charms, also I get the dog stuff such as dog bowls for my sister’s dog. refridgerator magnets, these magnetic plastic picture frames, anything with Alice and Wonderland esp Alice wallets and handbags. I do a lot of shopping when I’m there. I like to go in October so I do a lot of Christmas shopping in the World showcase.


We buy clothes, snowglobes, coffee mugs, stuffed animals, postcards, costume jewelery, and the kids buy tons of pins. Plus anything else that we can’t live without.


Coffee mugs.


watches!!! i got a new one this year and my dad brother and i got one last year!! I love them and always wear them. My 9yr old cousin got his first one this year…It was sooooo cute


What ever Shron can fit in the suite cases or can ship home without me knowing it!!! Mostly pins, beannies, WDCC pieces, T-shirts.


My big thing is magnets. I started getting them back around the 25th Anniversary celebration and have been collecting them since. I usually coem home with 5 or 6 per trip. My favorites are the rubber ones. I’ve got the freezer door completely covered so now I’ve had to start covering the door that goes into my garage. Mic collects snowglobes. We do other stuff like pins too, but not as much.


We get a teeshirt that has that year on it and a new one from planet hollywood each time.My daughter gets a charm for her bracelet each time- One for the princess she is into that time and one for the hotel we are staying at.


I had a poll but doesn’t look like it worked out.

We normally buy a lot of stuffed dolls, key chains, candy and some toys.