What makes you laugh at WDW


Like most of you, since we’ve been to WDW so many times we tend to take things slow and notice other people more. Not to be mean :blush:, but we have fun laughing at some of the things we see. For example:

  • at the airport DD, DH and I were walking to the Magical Express area when a couple pushes past us with all their luggage running towards the ME area. They were out of breath and running like they were about to miss their plane. We laughed thinking if they are in such a rush to get on an ME bus, then watch out when they are in the parks going towards a ride! :slight_smile:
    The funniest part is after we made our way to the ME area - we were told right away which line to get in (since you don’t have to check in at the counter anymore) and we walked right on our bus - the couple was on that bus! Even funnier was that the bus stopped at 2 resorts before stopping at ours and when we got off the bus they were still on it!!!

  • while at dinner at Crystal Palace we were sitting next to a family of 4 that was REALLY excited about seeing Pooh and friends and getting their autograph. The mother wouldn’t let anyone leave the table until all the characters stopped by. When the kids started complaining, she would run up to the buffet grab a plate, throw 1 item on it and run back to the table. Meanwhile DD, DH and I went up multiple times b/f any of the characters even reached our table.

So what have you seen that makes you laugh while at the parks?


Women wearing high heeled shoes in the morning as they enter the parks…you know by lunch time they’re in pain they never imagined! Really, tho, who wears high heels to walk miles and miles???


Of course there are those people who insist on wearing 4 inch heels and too short skirts/shorts but it absolutely slays me to see someone walking along with their giant turkey leg/ice cream cone/cup of fries and watch the seagulls line up to steal their food. My kids even started noticing it!


Watching the little kids driving at the speedway… and their parents sitting next to them patiently enduring their little driver crashing into the guide bar left then right then left then right… Bam! Bam! Bam! Oh hahaha.


My husband when he hears the train whistle @ Mk for the first time on our trip. He suddenly goes from 50 to 5! Love it!


On my last trip, I sat on a wall near the entrance to the Canada pavilion while I was enjoying some Food & Wine Festival goodies. :happy: I saw family after family walk past the new “Now Featuring Martin Short” sign, stop, do a double-take, and then say, “Is he really here today???” :laugh:


I am that parent and I am starting to hate that ride!! :laugh:


Seeing the children get soaked as the water shoots out of the ground unexpectedly. I remember prodding my daughter to stand still while I took a picture…her face was priceless!!! Of course, it took us 20 minutes to drag her away the next time.


Watching people try Beverly the first time.:laugh:


I always crack up at the pilot guy from Soarin, when he says, “and don’t forget these little beauties.” :laugh:


Touching down in Orlando and getting on the tram to the main terminal, it’s just like you know your their! :wub:


I LOVE that part! :laugh:


I did this to my daughter this last trip and I nearly peed my pants laughing:laugh::laugh::laugh:


… that reminds me of my little plot w/DD to get DH to try it… we LAUGHED! Then, I innocently gave him a lemon/poppyseed twinkie thing I had in the bag to get the taste out of his mouth because nothing else would.

TO THIS DAY… he swears I had that planned. Apparently that really makes it taste bad. If it can even be worse! He thinks my “mouse friends” here gave me the twinkie idea. ROFL! Nope you didn’t. But now you all can blame me if you want to try this little trick!