What makes you sign on everyday?


What makes you sign on everyday? I know I’m hooked. :wub:


I actually don’t sign out. I forget - and it doesn’t matter anyway, right?
I am hooked as well. I walk by the computer and cannot help myself but I have to check and see who’s on and what’s going on :happy:


All of the above… and I’m bored. Can’t walk by the computer without checking. Something interesting might happen! :laugh:


I chose option 1…plus I’m ALWAYS bored at work.


All of the above!!! I love learning new things about WDW and the people on here a GREAT!!! :tongue: Even pumouse :eek: :wink:


Hey, where is the “I work here” option?


I picked all of the above. Even tho I have not been very chatty lately (I dont know why) I gotta come on by every day I can :slight_smile:


I love it because when I share how excited I am about an upcoming trip no one here acts like I’m nuts. Everyone is NUTS over WDW! I also just love the feeling of family!


Haha! So are you only here because you work here, or because you just can’t get enough of our company??
I like to see how Peppertink and Goof father and trying to annoy each other!


I voted all of the above! I don’t want to miss out out on a TR or what the latest is with everybody! :heart:


All of the above.

It’s bad when you keep DC up all day at work, checking back a little too frequently. Work… what’s that? :huh:


LOL!! Whatever do you mean??? :wink:


All of the above.


(I thought we came here for the free doughnuts on Fridays :huh:)

I’m here for all of the above :smile:


Must admit, I haven’t been on every day recently, but I have missed everyone! Somtimes life is just too crazy. I also chose all of the above.


I’m another all of the above person.


HOLD UP!!! Free doughnuts on Fridays??? I think I’ve been missing something :sad: :wink:


This is a great place to just come and loose myself in Disney dreams. Life is just too hard sometimes to deal with.


I can be an OCD planner on here and have a complete support group.

It helps me pass the time until I go!


Definitely all of the above. It’s just fun.