What meal would you choose at Boma's...Breakfast or Dinner?


Since DW & I are staying at AKV in May, I want to book a meal at Boma’s but I don’t know which one to choose. Unless we come into a considerable amount of money (like the lotto) between now and then, I can only book the one meal for now. Otherwise we will be hitting the counter service for the rest of the trip.

What would you choose and why?


For the value, I would choose dinner at Boma!


costs less than dinner
easier to stop and eat in the morning than it is to get back from a park by 9:15 for dinner
omelet station and carving station
good coffee


Dinner especially if its on a Wednesday or Saturday for their yummy yummy ribs …


If it’s your first time visiting Boma I would do dinner there, you just have to try all the desserts & unique dishes. Although, breakfast there is GREAT. They have a special juice that is just SO delicious. Go for the dinner though. :smile:


you just have to ask them for the special juice and you can have it at night wishy …


OH… see, even better!!! I found the description of it on Allears. King, you just HAVE TO try this juice, it is DELISH! :heart: (All it’s missing is a dash of rum or vodka :laugh:)

West African Frunch (a combination of lemonade, pineapple juice, guava juice, orange juice, and papaya juice).


I prefer dinner. I have done both and don’t get me wrong breakfast is great! There are made to order omelets and lots of different choices and that frunch! It’s all great but dinner is delicious! Plus, people tend to eat more at dinner (at least we do) so you really get more out of what you pay.


I voted DINNER, because it’s the only meal I’ve had there. And it was AMAZING!!! I think it will be a MUST on most trips from now on! We went on a Saturday night…RIBS!!! They were OUTSTANDING. EVERYTHING was outstanding. I am somewhat of a picky eater, and I loved it!!!

That being said, we are staying there in November. I am booking dinner there using a Dining Credit and booking breakfast, paying OOP.


Soundgod: Party of one.:crying:


Both very good but breakfast!


dinner - i prefer a sit down dinner to a sit down breakfast! and it was tasty!!


I voted dinner as well. They are both great, but the breakfast items are more typical. Dinner is stuff you have definitely NEVER had before… oh… and it has Zebra Domes…:whistling


I just have to say this again go Wednesday or Saturday for the YUMMY RIBS they are the best …


Never have been for breakfast, but I dream of a couple of the things they serve at dinner… the couscous seafood soup, mmmmmmmm, and also the vanilla sauce. Oh that vanilla sauce…


Ok, well I called up DVC member services to bank points and to make reservations for January and I went ahead and booked dinner at Boma’s for our Memorial Day weekend trip. Thanks to all of you who voted and gave your feedback.

DW & I decided on the dinner after looking at the menu on Allearsnet. We figured it would be good to try some African themed cuisine for a lil variety in our life lol

I will let y’all know what we thought about our meal when we get back


King did you book a Wed or a Saturday ( those are rib nights there )…


Dinner for us- especially rib night (can’t remember what night that is)


Saturday night :slight_smile:


yummy I am now officially jealous since you get those ribs